Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Lots to do today, but nothing unusual.  Yuki and the other idols were in the garage practicing when Yuki wasn’t at school, and they were working out and doing some practicing even when she was.  Why are they working so hard??? It’s not like they’re getting paid tons and tons of money for it.

I asked them.

Haruka just shrugged.  “It’s work, we’ve got nothing better to do, and besides, Yuki’s our friend.”

“How do you know Yuki anyway?”

“We were in the same idol group for a while.”

“Were you friends then?”

“Mostly,” Suzuka said softly.  “We didn’t always get along, but Yuki was very dependable.  She turned out to be a good senpai.”

“She was your senpai?”

Haruka shrugged.  “We joined after she did.  And she’s a little older.”

“Were you sad when she left?”

“We cried.  A lot.  But we left soon after too.”


Suzuka shrugged.  “I loved the girls I worked with, but the producers… well…  they were only really after two things, and one was money.”

I sighed.  Same old story everywhere, right?

“Do you want to be idols again?”

“Not really.  We’re doing okay.  Suzuka is doing gravure modelling, and also has a few commercials, and I’m an anime voice actor now.”

“REALLY?”, I said.  That was the last thing I expected.

“Yes,” she said.  “I haven’t voiced anything really famous yet, but I did have a major part on ‘I was hit by a truck and resurrected as a pair of panties on an isekai princess, and now I have a cheat code in another world.”

I sighed.  “Is it as bad as it sounds?”

“Not really,” she giggled.  “It’s actually kind of fun to voice a girl who’s wearing an isekai guy.  Especially when she doesn’t understand why her undergarments are tickling her…”

I giggled in spite of myself.  “What is wrong with these mangaka?”

She shrugged.  “Whatever, I’m making a living off their ecchiness.”

I guess so.  Can’t argue that logic.

So I guess both of them were on a break and had nothing better to do, and thought it’d be fun to come here and export Japanese culture.

I told them to, well, kind of expect a mixed reaction.  The kind of crowd that comes to watch a classical performance is not the same kind of crowd that comes to watch an idol performance, even though I’m absolutely sure there will be otaku that fly to America from Japan to see their favorite former idols perform one more time.

Suzuka giggled.  “If we have to, we’ll just cute them into submission.”

I laughed.  “Is cute a verb?”

“It is now.”

Hah.  Well, if anyone could…

Well, anyway, today Sabby made dinner, but it was really, really good.  Haruka and Suzuka want her as a second mother now.  Haha!!!

Anyway..  have you ever thought about how much design and engineering work goes into panties?


At least I hope that’s why they’re so expensive…

Oh, speaking of which, they also need to make their costumes.  I thought maybe Diana could help.

Love you all!!! ❤️