Hi! It’s me! Lily!!

It stormed today!  Boom boom!  I mean REALLY stormed!!!  We got lots of rain and boomies and…  Liz was scared.  She was whimpering a little.  But we slept in and we cuddled her and she got better.

She’s always so put together, but she’s scared of storms… I guess we all have our things.

It finally cleared out late today.

This was the first Texas storm Suzuka and Haruka had experience, and they were kind of amazed.  “I’ve heard of Texas storms, but… they’re something else, aren’t they?”

They are.  The booms are loud.

Even though it was raining, Crystal’s band came over and used our garage to practice.  We don’t really mind that, as long as they keep it to an hour or so.  Suzuka and Haruka watched intently.  I think they’re a little jealous of people who can play an instrument.  Idols can’t always do that.  Awww.

Anyway, there’s not much else to say today.  We just had a quiet (well, mostly) day with lots of rain and booms and some band stuff.  We didn’t actually go to church today because there was so much rain.  Oh well, it was nice to sleep in.  I mean, yeah, a little rain is fine, but we got a lot.

Guess I’m going to go to bed now.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

Yeah, it boomed.  A lot.