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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Well…  Dang.  It looks like Sabby took me seriously after all.  I kinda knew she would eventually, she just takes things a bit personally sometimes.

She put some feelers out to her network at church, she wanted to see if anyone else had a similar thing to deal with.  They didn’t, but apparently there’s some kind of scientist over at UT Austin there, and she agreed to come over and talk to Beth and see what could be done.

So, tonight she came over.

Beth and her talked.  A lot.  Beth asked a bunch of questions about science and physics and all sorts of stuff, and the scientist had a bunch of answers.  At the end of it, she agreed to take Beth under her wing.  Beth is now “officially” an apprentice.  It’s not like the middle ages, where there was a formal apprenticing agreement, but she made Beth promise to do what she says (when it comes to science, of course) and in return she’ll take her to classes with her sometimes and let her help run experiments, that kind of thing.

Beth was over the moon.

She cautioned Beth that science is boring sometimes, but she’ll make sure Beth learns a lot.

I’ve never seen Beth so happy.  She’ll have to figure out how to work around classes, though, she still needs to do that and Sabby wouldn’t hear otherwise.

I asked the scientist if she knew anything about what had happened at the Pickle labs, you know, with my previous adoptive parents.  I didn’t forget about that!  She said that she’d heard some rumblings about some kind of accident in a top-secret area, but since it’s top-secret, she didn’t know too much other than that it happened.

I asked her if she could find out anything.

She said it’s top-secret so she doesn’t even dare ask.

But that’s something, right?

I’m happy for Beth!!!

I’m not jealous, either.  I don’t think I’d find that fun.  And besides, I have that business I co-own with Sabby.  You know, the cookie place that has turned into a Japanese tourism hotspot?  We’ve got one or two Japanese tourists coming around a month now!  It’s weird!!!  But they love cat-girl!!!  And they buy a lot of cookies!  Especially after baker started putting cute animal faces on them!!!

We had one Japanese girl come by dressed as a Japanese school girl!  We told her it was a great costume!  She said it wasn’t a costume, she really is a Japanese schoolgirl!  I asked her why she wore her uniform into a store in Round Rock, then.

She blushed, and said that while it’s her uniform, it’s not her uniform here, so it doubles as cosplay!

Can’t argue with that, I guess.

Some photos of our business turned up on Japanese Twitter, and now all the Japanese people are saying things like “kawaii!” and “I want to eat!” and “cat-girl is so cute!”.  That’s kinda cool, amongst all the hamsters!


Love you all!!! ❤

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