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HI! It’s me! Lily!

And we got MORE rain!  Rain!  And booms!  And rain!  And more booms!  Marie got her little feet wet when we took her on a walk!

And I got wet when running!  Awww!!!

It’s not common to get this much rain, but we did!!!  And it’s a good rain too!  The kind that will make grass and trees and flowers happy!!!

Sabby’s doing Easter baking!!!  And she’s really going nuts, as she usually does!  And this time she has baker to help!!!  And she gets to sell the excess!!! So she’s happy!  But it’s amazing all the stuff she can make!!!

The store is closed on Sunday, but she told the cat-girls to tone it down for this week.  They’re supposed to wear pretty spring dresses.  Apparently cat-girl was pouting, until Sabby told her she can wear bunny ears.  That made her happy again.

I don’t understand cat-girl.  She only seems to be happy when she’s dressed up – or, more often than not, undressed-up.

But as with everything, cat-girl turned it up to 11.  She put on a little frilly cap, and a pretty spring dress, and stockings and patent leather shoes, and was skipping around the shop humming to herself.  It was cute, I have to admit.  And, of course, bunny ears.

Cat-girl’s not a bad person.  She’s got a big heart.  But she’s…  I dunno.  A little strange sometimes.

Cat-girl wanted live bunnies.  That’s where Sabby drew the line.  And it’s pretty clear why.  Live animals and food don’t mix.

Anime-girl likes her skintight outfits, but she said it was nice to wear something loose and breezy once in a while.

Everything’s humming along.

I have an appointment with the accountant tomorrow to do our business taxes.  I’m not looking forward to that!  I’m good at payroll, but taxes are best left to a professional.  Awww.  An expensive professional.

Diana and Crystal do Easter.  None of my other friends do.  Ai’s Japanese, so not Christian.  Rebecca is…  umm…  secular, though I think Robert goes to church like twice a year, and maybe Easter is one of those days.  Liz is Chinese.  Emiko… I never actually asked her.  She’s very respectful of Japanese religion, obviously, but I’m not sure what she actually believes.  But it’s okay.  We do what we do, and they do what they do.  And we do Easter.

Okay!  Goodnight!

Love you all!!! ❤

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