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HI! It’s me! Lily!

And it rained more today!

A LOT more!!!

It rained so much fish were drowning!


It was a frog-strangler!!!

But the rain is mostly gone now and tomorrow should be really nice.  Maybe the grass will grow more.  Dave will have to go out with his string thingy and chop weeds down.  He doesn’t really like doing yard work, but he says that comes with the suburban life, so…  yard work it is.

But maybe he’ll wait till Sunday so the grass will dry out a bit.

He’s smart that way.

The rain was kind of nice – it wasn’t like yesterday with lots of booms and cracks and rumbles, it was just rain today mostly.  Just all day.  Awww.  Marie liked it though!  A whole bunch of new smells!!!  The rest of us were kind of blah.  I took Beth to classes today and…  people here can’t drive in the rain!!!  I can’t let Beth drive because her license needs someone over 21, so I drove.  Caaaaarefulllllyyyy!!!  I also went to see the accountant – it was also boring.  I just handed him a bunch of papers, receipts, etc., and he asked a lot of questions. I think he was a little upset because I’m a teenager, but…  he got over it.  Sabby was there to, and she used her patented #3 glare.  I guess he had to!  He’ll be submitting them next week.  Aww.

Other than that, it was a mostly boring day.  I went over to Liz’s tonight and I’m sleeping over.  Beth has the girls over too.  Liz is a bit chatty tonight – she’s usually pretty quiet but she seems like she’s in a good mood.  Maybe it’s because she’s getting regularly kissed by her boyfriend!!!  Hahaha!!!

But tonight it’s about pizza and chocolate and board games and best friends.

Which is what it’s all about anyway, don’t you think?

Beth and I are going to Houston tomorrow to see Emiko.

Okay!  It’s nearly bedtime, and hair needs brushing!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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