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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And Jack is here!!!  YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!

He showed up this afternoon, and we all went out for dinner!  My family, Jack’s family, and LIz’s family (don’t forget they’re cousins!).  There were a lot of us, so we just went to that barbecue place with the long tables!!!  They don’t get good barbecue in Ohio, and, well, this is Texas, we have good barbecue!!!

I gave Jack the biggest hug and the kind of kiss that made Dave tell me to cool down.  And I don’t regret it!  I missed him!!!  I missed his arms!!!  He had chocolate for me too!!! I love him!!!

And I gave Grace a big hug too!  She doesn’t lisp anymore!  She’s soooo cute!!!  She had a present for me!  It was a drawing she made!!! I love it!!!

And they brought Lily the dog too!!!  Lily and Marie aren’t sure what to make of each other – lots of butt sniffing… but they seem to be getting along!  We’ll take them both to the dog park tomorrow and let them play together!!!

So after the barbecue we all went to our separate places – Jack and his family are staying at a hotel again, and I’m… not with him.  Awww.   I…  miss him.  I want to spend some time alone with him.  But we’re going on a date soon, so there’s that!! But waterpark tomorrow!!!  Yaaaaaaayyyy!!!!! I love the waterpark!!! Did I tell you that???  His family can do that because his father works from home!  Like Dave!  How cool is that!  They can go across the country and not miss work!!!  I want a job like that!!!

Oh, and I enrolled for community college courses today!!!  I enrolled in a few, it’ll be challenging!!!  But with all the classes I enrolled for…  I don’t think I can work.  Well, I could,, but I think Sabby wouldn’t like it.  At all.  So I’ll talk to the owner tomorrow, but I might have to resign.  Aww.  I like it there, but this might be the only way I can do college.  I’ll let you know which classes I take soon!!!

Anyway, I need to sleep.  This will be a fun week!!!  I hope!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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