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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And it’s still dry!!! Awww!!!  The weather service keeps saying there might be storms, but there never are!!!

Jack is on his way!!!  He’s in Memphis now and they’re having dinner!!!  Yaaaaay!!!  Lots of driving!!!  Maybe someday soon I’ll take a road trip too!  So far I’ve flown everywhere, but driving seems fun too!!!  Maybe when Ai comes over we’ll take a road trip somewhere!  But the US is so much bigger than Japan…  maybe we’ll go to Dallas!!!  Or a rodeo!  Or San Antonio!!!  Or a rodeo in San Antonio!  Or Fort Worth!!!

Oh, speaking of San Antonio, guess where we’re going next weekend!  The theme park!  Jack and his family and Liz and her family will go with us to San Antonio for the weekend, and then we’ll go back to Round Rock and they’ll go back to Ohio!!!  And we’re going to the waterpark on Sunday!  YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!  And Jack and I will go on a couple of dates next week!!!

I wonder if he has anything fun planned.  I…  don’t, yet.  But I’ll think of something!

I don’t think Jack’s met the girls yet.  He’s met Beth, but he hasn’t met Diana, and I don’t think he’s met Crystal.  So we’ll see if they react to him the same way Beth did.  Back off, girls!  He’s mine!  Hahah!  But I’m only partly kidding.  I’ve only really described him as “hot”, but… he looks like one of those k-pop stars that Liz is always fawning over.  BTS?  I don’t remember, I’ve only really listened to J-pop so far.  But he’s got that… look… to him that all the girls just seem to fall all over themselves for.  He tells me I’m hot too.  I don’t really see it…  but I guess if I do my hair just right and wear just the right makeup and costume I could look like a j-pop idol!  Not k-pop, though.  Those girls are soooooo beautiful.  And they can dance too!!!

But I’m okay with how I look.  Jack likes my appearance, and that’s all that matters.

Okay!  Liz is over tonight – Beth is over at Crystal’s – yaaaaay!!!!  Crystal has a house that Beth can go over to!  Sabby said that they’re spending too much time here.  She likes them and everything, but wants Beth to get out of the house sometimes too.  You know, broaden her horizons.  So Beth and Diana are over at Crystal’s, Liz is here… and as much as I like them all, it’s soooo nice and quiet.  Liz isn’t really an energetic girl.  She’s studious and driven, but not really prone to the kind of craziness that fourteen year olds have.  I love it!  But a little quiet is nice too.

We’re going to brush each other’s hair now and go to sleep, after we take Marie for a walk.  Liz and Marie get along fine now.  I don’t think Liz is going to get her own dog, but Marie will take her the ball and Liz will throw it, and that’s half of it right there!  And… aww.  Marie is on Liz’s lap right now and Liz is scratching her head.  That’s adorable!!!

Okay!!!  Bedtime!!! Nite!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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