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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And it’s Friday!!!

You know, I don’t really know when it became a thing we do that all the girls come over on Friday, but that’s been the case most Fridays for a long time now.  We get into our jammies (and no, you silly-billies, they’re just flannel things that are warm and comfy, so stop imagining.  pppppppbbbbttttt) and play games and eat chocolate and leftover pizza and and share videos and photos and talk to all our friends in Japan and SoCal.  I look forward to it all week, spending time with my sisters.

And this week Allison’s over too!!!  She doesn’t get to come over often because she’s little and has other things to do, but her mother isn’t feeling well and she wanted to come over, so she’s here!!!  She likes her new school but feels a bit like a misfit, but I told her that’s okay, we all feel like misfits when trying new stuff!!! How do you think I felt the first time I went to Japan! I’m taller than most of them!  Even the men!!!

I’m teaching everyone how to play a card game called “doodle” I found online.  It’s so much fun!!!  You have to be fast.  It’s not one of those card games where you take turns and take tricks and go fish and all that.  It’s a free for all, arms are flying and girls are yelling “doodle!”  It’s hilarious.  The Aidols and Rebecca and Friends ™ can’t really play, so they just watch us and laugh their butts off at when we get going.  Smart-aleck Rebecca put on a cheerleader outfit and is doing silly cheers.  “I don’t want to eat your poodle but you’re killing it at doodle!  YAAAAAAAY”  Hahaha.  I didn’t know she could come up with stuff like that.  And girl did a backflip!!!

Anyway, They all have pizza too and the Aidols got some snacks at the konbini, so we’re all pigging out (even though it’s like morning in Japan) and having a blast.

I kinda miss when we were all together, tbh.

Maybe we can make that happen before I move to Japan.

Anyway, they’re calling onee-chan back to the game, they know I post here but they’d rather be doing silly girlie stuff.  So…  off I go!!!

Love you all!!! ❤


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