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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Ohhhh I gotta keep an eye on Crystal!!!

So all the girls came over today to meet Jack.  Well, to have a sleepover too, but to meet Jack too.  So Jack and Grace came over, while his parents had some alone time.  I guess what’s the point of having a vacation if you can’t have some alone time, right?  Grace is pretty easy to take care of and everyone loves her, so Sabby didn’t mind at all.

So Diana came over, and she was polite.  She said something similar to what Beth said when she first met him, like “She didn’t tell me you were so HOT!”.  But then, after a bit of shyness, she got over it and everything was fine.  Dave started grilling (though it was kind of rainy out today, around lunchtime it was okay.  And COOL too!!!) and Diana started making her famous tacos.  Y’know, I really should talk to Sabby about hiring her when we start our business.  Cookies AND tacos.  Can’t beat that.

Crystal came over before lunch was done, and girl looked him up and down like a piece of meat and she was starving.  It even made Jack a bit uncomfortable.  She didn’t say much, except, “Lily, if you ever get tired of him, throw some of that my way!”

Honestly, that wasn’t cool, but other than a few glances, she kept it to herself, so I let it go.

Crystal and Diana loved Grace, though.  OMG they just fawned and doted all over her like she was the cutest thing they’d ever met – and let’s face it, maybe she was.  Grace loved it.  She was telling stories and playing games and just monopolizing the whole room – and she was so cute none of us minded at all.  And Grace loved Diana’s tacos.  Everyone was getting along sooo well, I just love it when that happens.  It started storming a bit around mid afternoon and Grace was scared, so we all just cuddled her and told her stories and eventually she just fell asleep, even though it was storming.  Awwww!!!!

I’m…  not sure when Jack and I are going to have any alone time before he leaves, though, and that makes me a little sad.

Anyway, Jack went back to his room with Grace, and we’re about to make a girl-pile.  Yaaaaaay!!! I love girl piles!!!  Then we’re going to the theme park in San Antonio tomorrow!!!  Jack’s family is taking me and Liz is coming along too!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!!!!  I think I’ll love it!  Especially spending time with Jack!!!

Roller coasters tomorrow!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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