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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

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OMG I love the theme park!!!


… Jack isn’t the biggest fan of roller coasters.

I forgive him.  Besides, it’s OK.  Liz likes them!

We went on this ride called Goliath! It’s high!  It’s fast!  It’s twisty!!!  Jack went on it with me – but he said that’s the only one he’ll go on with me.  Aww.  But I appreciated his sacrifice.  He looked a little green after but recovered quickly.

I went on all the rides!!! WEEEE!!! We had a nice theme-parky lunch and he played arcade games with me!  That was fun!!!

We’re staying at a hotel tonight!!!  They already would have gotten a room for Jack and Grace, so they just let me and Liz stay too!  But beforehand, they gave Jack and me a talk.  They said… “You’re sharing the room with Grace.  If she comes to us with any questions that she shouldn’t be asking at her age, then both of you are going to be in so much trouble.  Jack, you’ll be grounded for a month.  And Lily… we’ll tell Sabby.”

Oh.  That’ll do it.

So after they got the rooms, we went for dinner.  It was a nice dinner, nothing fancy but enjoyable.  We all chatted about stuff and Grace was making a huge mess and all smiles through the whole thing.  I guess that’s life with a five year old, right?

Grace is here with us now, and we’re about to put her to bed and go to bed ourselves.  No girl-piles tonight.  Grace has a roll-a-way, I’m with Liz, and Jack by himself.  

But first both of us are going to read Grace a story.  That’ll be so much fun!!!

Tomorrow we’re going to head back to Austin, and then they’ll drop me off home and head back to Ohio.  Aww.  But it’s been a wonderful week with Jack.  And I start school on Monday!!

Grace says “Love you all Auntie-Lily’s Friends!”

Love you all!!! ❤

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