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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

So this evening, I started studying for the TSI test.  It’s not too hard for reading, and obviously I’m pretty good at writing (I write so much here!) but math…  I don’t know.  Linear algebra is hard!!!  But I guess now I have something to work on for the next few days.  Beth has it nailed, though, girl is so smart!  She knows a lot of math that I don’t!  So she’s teaching me some!  I don’t know if she knows calculus, but she’s probably on the pre-calculus level!  I…  can make a graph!  Yay me?

I’m usually a pretty confident girl, but I’m not too confident right now.  School.. is not really something I remember, and I’ve never been to a real one.

Tomorrow all the girls are coming over and I’ll tell them about Japan!!!  I know Allison’s really looking forward to hearing about it!  I got them all something!!!  But I’m not telling what, because sometimes they read this!!!  Liz got a bit sick too, but that’s what it is, she’s feeling better now and she’ll be over tomorrow too!!!

I’m tired!  I’m going to walk Marie and go to bed!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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