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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Finally, a quiet day, of sorts.  A day where I’m not sick, or too busy.  Just a day.  I like just days.

Biggest news is, it’s still hot!  Very hot!  hot hot hot!  It’s been over a hundred degrees for weeks!!!  Some storms are in the forecast but nothing for us!  Aww!!!  Maybe we’ll get some storms in a few days!

So…  ummm…  what else.  Not much!  Jack is looking forward to coming to Austin this weekend!  Yaaaaaayyy!!!!  I’m looking forward to seeing him!!!  And Grace is looking forward to the waterpark!!!  Grace likes the waterpark as much as me, but she’s little so she can’t get on the big rides.  Oh well, she’ll grow, and they do have fun kid’s rides too!!!

I’ve been writing a lot.  So I’m not going to write a lot tonight!  Time to take Marie for a walk and brush Beth’s hair!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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