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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It was supposed to maybe sorta rain today!  But it didn’t! Aww!  When it rains I might go outside and dance in it!!!

Except I can’t dance, and wet clothes tend to become transparent.  Aww.  But it might be worth it!!!  Maybe It’ll be a special enough occasion that I’ll put on my swimsuit!!!


It’s funny.  There are so many things that are going to happen, but haven’t yet, and all I can do is wait.  I did talk to Emiko, though.  She understood, but said she has no interest in meeting him or having anything whatsoever to do with him.  I told her that it’s possible that he could be present at some occasions, but right now, no one has any idea if he even wants anything to do with me.  Or vice versa.  She said fine, but don’t change any plans on her account.  Apparently she had some feelings for him and he was a complete jerk about it, as some men are.

It’s understandable, but I’m not about to put myself in the middle of that.  They’ve both married, they can get over it.

I hope he’s grown up.  If he’s the same guy who used and left Emiko, then I think I’d rather just stick with Emiko.

You know, there are very few people I actually dislike.  There are loads of people I don’t have any strong feeling about, most people I meet I tend to like, but I don’t know about him.  I could dislike him.  I could easily dislike him.  He stole something from me by his lack of responsibility, and it’s a debt he’ll never repay.  You can’t repay that kind of debt with money.  I guess I could eventually forgive it, but…  there aren’t many people in this world who owe that kind of debt to me.

But maybe he’s likable too.  Maybe he grew up, got married, and realized how much of an immature idiot he was.  Oh… ummm…  I don’t usually say stuff like that.  I think I’ll change the subject now.

See?  I’m a happy girl.  I’m sunshine and moonbeams and unicorns and rainbows, all with a skittles center.  But…  I’m not perfect.  I’m human too.  And let’s hope…  he’ doesn’t turn out to be one of the few people I actually can’t stand.

In happier news, Jack comes over this weekend!  Yayy!!!  Oh did I tell you, he can drive now too?  Let’s see.. He can drive, I can drive, Liz is learning (she still has to wait a couple more months), and Beth… well, she’s a bit too young, but Dave does take her out to careen around a parking lot every now and then.  Lotsa drivers or soon to be drivers!  Grace doesn’t drive though.  Hahah!!!

She’d probably drive better than some Texas drivers though.

I need to make sure my black dresses are clean!!!

Anyway, so far it’s a pretty quiet week.  Thankfully.  Excitement every day gets boring.  Weird, huh?

Love you all!!! ❤

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