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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Today is Sabby’s birthday!!!

She won’t tell us how old she is, but it’s probably early 40s.

So she left the store to the baker and the dooters today, and apparently things ran pretty smoothly.  We told them it was Sabby’s birthday, and the baker made her a cake!!! That was nice of her!!!  Even though it was with shop resources, we didn’t care.  We’ll write it off.  It was worth it.  Sabby was a mite bit sore, but I told her to shut up and enjoy the cake.

So remember last week I wrote her a letter?  That was nice and she loved it, but Beth and David were a little but upset with me, and truthfully, maybe I deserved it a bit.  They got her trinkets and I got her a heartfelt letter.  They weren’t too upset, but this year I thought maybe they should be included as well.

But a letter’s been done already, so…  it was kinda hard to figure out what to do.  So…  we sang her a song.

Well, we tried, anyway.

Beth sang, I played piano, and, well, David did some kind of interpretive dance that we’re still recovering from.

We sang “wind beneath my wings”, and at the end, Sabby was crying.  Aww.  But I’m not sure it if was because we were good, or because we were really bad.  Haha!!!  Actually, Beth isn’t too bad a singer.  She surprised me.

We gave her all her gifts (I got her a plush from the Japanese bookstore), gave her a big hug, and then we had cake.

OMG was it a good cake!!!

The baker told me she even used some of that chocolate I made!  Normally I’d be mad, but it was a perfect use for it, so I’m not upset.  I can make more.

She’s happy.  Now she’s up with Dave taking a bath.  Hahaha!!!!  You go girl!!!

Okay!  Marie needs walked!!!


Love you all!!! ❤

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