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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

So…  neither Sabby nor I expected this, but…  the baker is better than Sabby.  Oh, the baker thought Sabby’s plenty good, but it’s kind of the difference between a film score composer and Mozart.  Once she learned how to make all the stuff, she had a few minor changes to suggest… and the cookies got BETTER.  Can you believe it?  Sabby says she’s worth everything we’re paying her… and it’s a lot.

Something like a specific way to prepare the butter, and mix the flour… the stuff only someone really good could know.

So we’ve got a couple of dooters and a baker, so Sabby can spend a little time away from the shop now.  She’s still there most of the time, but I guess it’s nice not to be stuck there.

Every time the cat girl (or Beth) goes outside to smile and wave the sign and, well, let’s be honest, jiggle a little, sales go up ten percent.  So she’s worth it too.

After the last final (yay!) we went home and I changed into something nice, and Jack picked me up!  But he wouldn’t tell me where we’re going.  And…  HE FOUND A SUSHI PLACE!!!

How did I not know about that sushi place???

It wasn’t just any sushi place.  It was a place with a rotating sushi track and touch screens… just like in Japan!!!

I stuffed myself!!! I mean there may as well have been a track from the actual track right to my mouth, because it went in!!! Even Jack was amused!!!  I do love sushi!!! And this was good sushi!!!

You pick up the plate from the track, eat the fishy goodness on it, then stick the plate in a slot.  It can tell how much to charge you from how many plates you stick in the slot.  Fun!!!

And afterwards… there’s a Japanese bookstore next door!!!

Jack bought me a stuffed Japanese plush!!!

That was fun!!!

And I bought a couple Japanese books, because you can never have enough Japanese books.

So we came back after that, and Jack’s family and I watched a movie.  We didn’t get much time alone, but that’s okay, we still cuddled, and it was nice.  Grace then climbed up on us, and so did Lily, and basically Jack and I were cuddled up with a five year old sprawled across us and a dog trying to get what space was left.  It was cute!

But I’m home now.  Tomorrow’s Sabby’s birthday!!! Oh, I got her something at the Japanese bookstore too!!!

But don’t tell her.  SSSSSHHHHH


Love you all!!! ❤

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