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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

The aidols are really looking forward to coming to Texas!!!  They bought their swimsuits and sent me a pic. All I can say is… Rebecca would think they’re really conservative, David will probably blow a gasket, and for me, that’s about right.  They’re cute!!!  About the level of a rom-com anime beach scene, which… I guess, makes sense!!!  They all have Japanese builds – you know, pretty slender, narrow hips, not a large bust…  so there’s not a lot to work with, but Japanese swimsuit manufacturers know that, so they work with what they have.

Well, that’s probably too much talk about their swimsuits.  Hah!  I might go buy another one for myself.  Sabby would kill me if I bought one like Rebecca wears, but I think I’d like one that shows just a little more skin.  Just a little, eensy, bit…

Hey, I’m 18 now!  I can if I want! …  but Sabby will still yell at me.

Maybe I should buy a Japanese school one just for a joke… if they actually make one in my size.  I’ve been thinking about buying some of those color-coded indoor slippers like they have in anime… if they make them.  I never know what’s true and what isn’t in anime.

Otherwise… a pretty cool, but nice, day.  Dave’s been talking about getting a new car but we’re trying to talk him out of it, the interest rates are really high right now and they’re far too expensive.  We think we’ve succeeded, but you know Dave…  if he does, maybe I’ll get his old one.  I mean, I like my car, but his is nice too.  Oh, speaking of which, I have to change the oil soon.  Glad I know how to do that.

I haven’t heard much from that Texan Tinkerer guy since he moved up north.  He even deleted most of his YouTube videos.  I wonder why.  Maybe I should send him a message.

Anyway…  guess I should go to bed.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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