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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I went back on TWITTER!!!

Well… I hadn’t posted for a while.  Twitter was kind of boring.  Everyone just talked about politics and got banned and all sorts of stuff.  I posted a little bit and just moved on.

But Dave told me that an Elon guy bought Twitter and it became fun again!!!  Hahaha!!!

I don’t know about all that.  But it does seem a little more lively, I guess.  So I dusted off my old account and I’m tweeting again!

Tweety tweet!!!

He says he’s going to make the size limit of tweets 4,000 instead of 280, and if he does, I’ll post these diary entries there too!!!  It’ll be fun!!!


I’m not interested in politics but I do like free speech, and Dave told me that the Elon guy likes free speech too, and says that if we want to support him with what he’s doing to make Twitter full of free speech, the best thing to do is say stuff there!!!  So I will!!!

Dave says he doesn’t like everything the Elon guy says or does, but he likes that he likes free speech, so yay!!!

I need to learn a little about politics though.  It’s not interesting really, but Sabby tells me I can read people really well, so maybe I can learn something.  Maybe.

I’ll be voting next year, and, well…  Dave says voting randomly is worse than not voting at all.

So… what else did I do today?

I went to help Sabby at the shop!!!

Well, kind of.  What I actually did was started working on advertising.  Christmas is coming and we need to advertise for Christmas!!!  And I asked Sabby to make Christmas stuff!!! Santa cookies!  Reindeer cookies!  Tree cookies!  She grumbled a little, but she did well, and the baker had some fun ideas too.  She made a snowball!!!  OMG it was good!!!  It was a chocolate ball stuffed with creme and covered with confectioner’s sugar!!!  She made a couple and had us try them.  Sabby gave her a bonus on the spot in exchange for exclusive rights to the recipe, and told her to bake as many as she could.  We’re keeping that baker!!!  I mean, seriously!!!

So she baked a lot of those, people came in, tried one…  and then bought a whole box and took it back to the office or home or whatever.  And people kept coming in saying “my coworker brought one of these to the office, and give me more!!!”

We even changed the cat-girl’s sign to “Try our snowballs!!!”  She’s doing really well too.  She’s not out all day, but she’s out around lunch, and she really is great at driving traffic.  We pay her well for the hours she works.  She’s a college student and could use the money.

Okay, that’s enough for tonight!!!  Marie is whining!!!

See you on twitter!!! (see my main page for my twitter id!)

Love you all!!! ❤

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