Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It’s a Sunday!!!

Umm.. just a Sunday, I guess.

So the sermon this morning at church was about Christmas.  I guess it’s supposed to celebrate the birth of that Jesus guy.  Well…  that’s good, I guess.  You can’t have a Jesus if he’s not born, right?  They said he was born to a virgin, which… ummm.. worries me a bit?  I asked Sabby, she said it was a special case.  Whatever that means.  She said I’m not to have any “virgin births”! Hahaha!…  well…  maybe not so funny.

But they talk about peace on earth, good will towards men…  not a bad thing, particularly in these times.  Right?

After church, Dave grilled!  Yum!!! I love it when Dave grills!!! This time he made steaks!  Thick, delicious steaks!!!  OMG!!!

And after that, well…  we just kind of rested.  Hopefully next week won’t be too adventurous!!!

Aww, I hope I didn’t jinx myself.


Love you all!!! ❤

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