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HI! It’s me! Lily!!!

Today we went Christmas shopping!!! We went to the mall!! All of us!!!

Ummm… there were a lot of us. We ended up taking several cars.  I mean, there was me, Beth, David, Sabby, Dave…  Dave usually doesn’t come along but it’s Christmas shopping.  Then there were the aidols, you know, Ai, Minami, Mariko, and Yuuko…  and then Yuki too.  And Crystal, and Diana…  and a couple of the parents came along too.  We were like this big old glob of people wandering through the mall like, well, something big and amorphous that wanders.  A politician?  Hah!  Oh, and Jack and Grace came along too, how could I forget?

The aidols, of course, were fawning all over Jack.  Well, he is hot.  I told them look but don’t touch, if they want a vacation romance they’ll have to find their own boy.  This one’s mine and I’m keeping him.

I’d tell you what I bought everyone, but… well, I won’t.  We did get the Aidols their own tree ornaments, though.  They all picked something that represented them.  Minami got a snorlax.  Yuuko got a roadrunner (I was surprised she knew what it was, but apparently those cartoons are really cheap to translate).  Mariko got a little dog.  And Yuki got a really sparkly ornament.  Ai didn’t get anything because we got her one last year.  We got Crystal and Diana one too – Crystal got a guitar, and Diana got a anthropomorphic taco (big surprise there for both, huh?)  Then we just went off in our own direction for a while.  The aidols also got some souvenirs for their families along with gifts.

We told them they didn’t have to get gifts, but they said they wanted to, even though they couldn’t afford anything expensive.  We just said it’s the thought that counts, we’ll be happy with whatever.  They looked so happy running around window shopping for everything.

They bought some clothes too.  Because of course they did.  Toss a bunch of girls with too much money in a mall, and what else would they do?  Yuuko’s lucky, though.  She fits into childs’ clothing.  It’s cheaper, and almost as fashionable.  They have such Japanese builds, there’s a lot of cute clothing for them to pick from.

Anyway, you know that term “shop till you drop?”  Well, we all kinda did.  We took a break at the food court and then went home.  The aidols busied themselves shoving their souvenirs in their baggage, and then we let them put up their ornaments.

It seemed to be surprisingly emotional for them.  Not everyone in Japan does trees.  But apparently it made them feel welcome.

That’s why we do it, I guess.

Otherwise, we had a quiet day, we ordered pizza, and everyone just rested.  It was nice.  They really liked American pizza, and Yuuko, well… she almost put an entire one away by herself.  How does she do it?

Minami seems a little depressed though.  I should ask her what’s going on.

Everyone’s camped out in my room tonight.  Some of us are making a girl-pile, the rest are filling the futons.  Dave joked that he might need to rerun the load calculations on my floor…  surprisingly, some of the girls who would usually do the pile chose the futons.  I have a feeling there will be a lot of whispering and muted giggling when the lights go out.  Minami chose the pile though for tonight.  I wonder what’s going on.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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