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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

AI’s here!!!

Her flight was a little late, sadly.  But she made it.  She was sooo tired, but happy too!  Burbling!!!  We met her at the gate, and got in the car.  I sat in the back with her and Sabby drove.

We went to see Emiko and her family first.  We didn’t spend too much time there, but they exchanged presents and Emiko had some light snacks, which were very appreciated.  After an hour, we headed back to Austin.  Ai was tired, so she just looked out the window and watched the countryside go by.  She remarked how everything looked different than Japan.  She thought downtown Austin was neat, but remarked at how quickly it went by.  Tokyo is just building after building.

I guess it does look different, at that.

After a couple of hours, we made it back, and showed Ai the couch, where she’d be sleeping for a little while.  She tried it out, said “that’s pretty comfortable”, and dropped right off to sleep.


Marie came up, sniffed her, and then snuggled up to her.  How cute!!!

Anyway, she woke a couple of hours later, and said “wow, your sofas are really soft.”  In Japan, they have bedrolls and pillows mostly, but western furniture is a little different.

So then we went for BBQ.  That’s something Ai has been looking forward to for quite a while.

OMG that girl has a stomach about half the size of her body!!!

She ate chicken!!!  Brisket!!! Sausage!!! and the fixins’ too!  Towards the end she just sat there with the most satisfied look on her face, while munching on some cobbler.  All she would say was “Gochisousama, I like Texas.” Then we piled back in the car and went back home.  There were other things I wanted to show her but she was tired.  I don’t blame her, she’d been on a plane for twelve hours.

Liz, Crystal, and Diana came over, and we ate popcorn and root beer (Ai didn’t really like root beer, she said it tasted like medicine, so we made her some hot chocolate, which she drank greedily) and watched a movie.  Ai was still really tired, so the girls went up to Beth’s room, Liz went up to mine, and Ai slept on the couch.  We did invite her, but she said she was just too tired and wanted to sleep.  She asked if it was normal for girls to make a pile in a sleepover…  I told her not really, but it’s not really weird either.  She said they have a little more sense of personal space in Japan.  Yeah, I guess here too, if I’m being honest.  It’s just what we do, I guess.

I don’t blame the girl for wanting to sleep, though.  I was tired when I went to Japan, too.

Everyone likes her!!!  But of course they do!  She’s my cousin!!!  And she’s Japanese and not yankii, so she’s very polite!!!

I left Marie out of her kennel, Ai seems to like it when Marie sleeps next to her.  I told Marie not to get used to it.  Hahaha!!!  She just yawned and sprawled all over Ai.  Ai said she needs a dog now.

Okay.  Goodnight!!!  Liz and I are going to play games and make a pile!!

Love you all!!! 

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