Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I’m at the Houston airport waiting for Ai!  Beth and Sabby are here too!!!  Beth has never met Ai, but she wanted to come along, and, well, why not?  The baker and dooters are at the shop taking care of business, and, well…  we get a day off if we want.  I took care of payroll already, so everyone’s happy.  Well, except cat-girl.  She’s dooting instead of jiggling, it’s too cold.  Oh well, she still does a good job.  We made Katie the assistant manager for the day – it’s not a permanent promotion, but we needed someone to handle karens while we’re gone.

Her flight (UA 6) is running just a bit late, so we got some ridiculously expensive lunch and coffee, and we’re sitting in the waiting area outside security waiting for her flight to arrive.

I’m so happy to see her!!!!

I have so many places to take her!!!  But tonight she gets to eat and rest, and tomorrow is getting ready for Christmas and Christmas Eve!!!

Love you all!!!  More tonight!!! ❤

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