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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Ho ho ho!!!!

So this morning David woke us all up, as is our tradition, it seems.  We all went downstairs in our PJs and Ai was still asleep… she woke up bleary-eyed and we told her to come on over, she could nap after – it was present-opening time!

She was a bit cranky, but we gave her a cup of coffee with a bit of cocoa in it, and that perked her up a bit.  Don’t blame her but that’s Christmas!!!

Besides, we had presents for her too.

We spent the next half hour just ripping the paper off – except for Beth and Ai, who gave each other knowing looks as they meticulously removed the wrapping.  I had to think a lot about what I was going to get Ai, but eventually I got her a very pretty choker necklace with a gold-plated Texas hanging from it.  She loved it and put it right on.  She has very nice skin tone and it went well with her neck.

… that sounds silly, doesn’t it?

I also got her a set of English language manga, and she really like that.  She said it’ll help her learn better!

The family (the ones who weren’t me) got her a set of scented bath soaps and cleansers.  She looked at them like “are you trying to tell me something?” and Sabby laughed.  “No, you’re fine.  We just couldn’t think of what to get you and maybe you can’t find this kind in Japan.”

She looked at it, then shrugged.  “Actually, I probably can’t.  Thank you, they smell nice.”

Ai seemed to feel badly that she hadn’t bought us anything, but we just told her that she was the guest, and her presence was enough for us.  She bowed and said “arigatou gozaimasu”, and we kept opening presents.

There were many presents so I’m not going to tell all of them, but Dave and Sabby got me a genuine Japanese painting, with the hanko on it and everything.  that was very thoughtful, actually, and it looked like it cost a bit.  I got sabby some rather expensive bubble baths (because she likes baths), and Dave got a gun cleaning kit.

Beth got me one of those “sisters” lockets where she gets half and I get the other half and they fit together – that was really sweet of her.  I got her a voucher for voice lessons.  She looked at me puzzled.

“You’re a pretty good singer,” I said, “And if you ever want to be Miss America, you need a talent, right?”

“you think I could be -“

“Beth, you’re beautiful, smart… you can be anything you want.”

She gave me a hug.  Truthfully, she might return them, but I tried.

And what do you think David got?  A game.  Obviously.  Well, a Steam voucher.  Which he still really liked, of course.  But I was really surprised by what he gave me!  He gave me a mug that said “#1 Big Sister”.


Beth looked a bit put out, but then she got one too.

As we were cleaning up, I asked Ai what she thought of our tradition.

“It’s… nice,” she said.  “You all took time to give meaningful gifts.  I think I like this tradition.”  She held up her soaps.  “Maybe I should take the shower.”

“All yours,” I said, “See, Sabby’s making breakfast anyway.”

The pots and pans were clinking and soon we smelled bacon.  Yumm!!!

So after we had breakfast, and I took a run, and everyone got showered, Sabby started on making dinner.  Well, except for the turkey – Dave (carefully) deep fried it like he did on Thanksgiving.  David and Beth were playing with some of their gifts, and everyone started arriving.  Jack and Grace arrived first.  I gave jack a big hug and kiss, and grace wanted one too.  She got one on the cheek, of course.

“This is for you,” she said, and handed me a poorly wrapped present.

I opened it.  It was a cat ear headband.  haahah!!!!  So I put it on!!!  I had one for her too, it was just a simple toy I got at Wal-Mart yesterday, but she loved it.

Jack had a gift for me too, but he told me to open it later.  I blushed.  I gave him a set of very nice cologne.  I told him “Wear it for me next time – it really smells good.”  And I blushed more.

And so did he, haha!!

Well, there were more gifts and Liz and her family came over too, but if I tell you everything then I can just publish this page!

When Ai met Jack though, she just stopped, looked him up and down, and blushed.  Then she looked at me.

“Hot, huh?” I asked.

She just nodded.  “Sugoku – I mean, very.”

“Mine,” I said, but I said it gently.  “But you can kiss his cheek if you want.”

She blushed harder, said “yoroshiku onegaishimasu”, and bowed.  He bowed back.

I think I need to find that girl a vacation boyfriend.  Remember what Liz said?  Every girl needs a vacation romance once in her life…

Katie showed up as well…  why does everyone drool over Jack?  He’s hot but… he’s just… Jack.  Right?  I guess he does look a bit like one of those BTS idols, but… still.  He’s Jack.  I told Katie he’s seventeen and hands off.  She laughed, and said she’s pregnant anyway, and she ain’t doing that again.  haaha!!!

Okay, so dinner.  We had everything.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams, cranberry sauce…  everything.  Even sparkling cider.  Ai’s eyes opened wide and she just had this drooly look on her face – and she completely and utterly forgot about Jack.

We said a quick prayer and then dug in.  Ai didn’t seem to even know where to start so I just offered to make her a plate, and she nodded mutely.  So I did, with a little bit of everything.  “There’s plenty,” I said, “so if there’s something you really like, just get more.”

“Where is she from?,” Grace asked.


“Is that near Dallas?”

Everyone laughed, and Grace just looked a little offended.  “Very, very far away.”

“Farther than… Ohio?”


“Farther than… Det…det…detwoit?”


“Wooooow”, she said, and attacked her turkey.

Ai giggled.  I think they’ll get along fine.

Katie shoveled down the food, it was amusing.  She and Ai seemed to be having a competition as to how much they could eat.  Katie won, but barely.  She was eating for two, and Ai is mostly stomach by volume.  Haha!!!

I even made Marie a plate, which didn’t last very long.

Okay, this diary has been very long, but it’s Christmas!!! anyway, long story short, Ai really, really, really enjoyed the dinner, everyone talked and laughed and had fun, and afterwards David, Dave, Jack, Jack’s dad and Liz’s dad went to watch football, Ai, Liz, Beth, and I went up to my room to play games, and the mothers went to clean up in the kitchen with Grace wandering around and playing with Marie.  We offered to help, but we were shooed away, apparently this is when the women talk, well, women stuff that’s not for girls like me.


It was… a nice Christmas.  A very nice Christmas.  I did take a bit of time to take Allison her gift – a stuffed Tiger!  She loved it.  But she was busy doing her own Christmas so it was just a deliver and dash.

We spent it with family.

I can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas.  Well, apart from sitting on a throne made from a metric ton of chocolate, but you can’t have everything.

And… I’m blushing… I’m NOT telling you what Jack got me!!!

I’m working on something for you too!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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