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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And Ai and I went to ride horses today!

And…  well…  related to that…  well, let’s start from the beginning?

This morning David apologized to me.  Well… it wasn’t a perfect apology, but it was an apology.  He told me that I’m really his sister and that he should have asked his mother rather than me.

I told him I was actually flattered that he came to me, but teaching him about those things really wasn’t my place, and that could make Sabby mad at me.

He nodded.

And I also told him that I could have handled it differently but that his question shocked me and I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just dragged him to Sabby and let her deal with it.  But I could have done better.

Kid gave me a hug.


I also told him that he’d better be careful with his “girlfriends” or pretty much everyone would be hunting him down.

He nodded and ran off to play a game.

David’s gonna David.

So Ai and I went to ride horses!!!  Liz came along too!!!

It was so much fun!!!

But first we had to get Ai the right outfit!  So we took her to a boot store!  We got her a pretty pair of boots, and a fancy cowgirl hat, and everything!  By the time we were done, you’d think she was a Texan!  A small, Japanese Texan!  She looked at herself in the mirror, and didn’t recognize herself.  Then she took a selfie to send back to her parents!

So we went to a ranch where they had horses to ride!  They gave each of us a gentle horse, and…  I knew how to ride already!!!  I didn’t know I could ride, but I knew!!!  So I explained to the horse teacher person that I think I knew how to ride, and that I’d lost my memory, he called someone over.  He said “See how well she can ride and if she’s good get her a better horse!”

So I rode perfectly, and they got me a better horse!!!

I mean, the other horse was nice, but he was a beginner horse.  This horse was a little more…  spirited!!! So I jumped on and soon I was riding him all over the field!!!  He was having fun too, you could tell!  Ai and Liz just kind of sat there on their horse and watched me kick up dust!!!

Eventually I pulled up the reins and stopped back in front of them, and patted my horse.  Liz just said “I didn’t know you could ride like that!”

“Neither did I!”, I said.  I rode around a bit more while Ai and Liz got their lessons, and then we trotted out to harass some cows they had on hand to play cowboy/cowgirl.  It was fun!

Well, not for the cows, but we were driving them to better pasture anyway, so everyone wins.

Afterwards, I helped brush my horse down, and he seemed quite happy to let me.  Spirited is one thing, but he knows a good thing when he has it!

So let’s see.  I found out I can do martial arts (kinda), I can play piano, and now I can ride a horse!  What else can I do?

I guess I’ll find out.

Ai was…  what’s that phrase?  On cloud nine.  She was so happy.  She said that she’s always wanted to ride a horse, but Japan is so crowded there’s no good place!  I know, I was there… just buildings and buildings and buildings….  But in Texas we’ve got loads of room!!!  She loved her horse too!  When she was helped off, she patted him on the neck and told him he was a good horse.  He whinnied but she gave him a sugar cube and all was well.

Liz and Ai were babbling like a brook all the way home!  They had so much fun!!!

And she has boots and a hat too!!!

She seemed to feel bad that we were spending so much to show her a good time, and I said “Well, I did stay at your house when I was in Japan, and…  I’ll be back, and you can buy me stuff while I’m there.”  She nodded enthusiastically, and did another selfie.  Who taught her duckface?  Hahaha!!!

She has a few more days here, and I’m not sure what we’re going to do.  We’ve thought about taking a trip up to Dallas, taking a day trip to Houston (but we might do that before she leaves), going to the coast (but the Texas coast isn’t very nice, honestly), going downtown… lots of stuff to do.  I guess we should give her some options and let her decide.

Love you all!!! ❤

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