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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Ai wanted a break today.

She said she really liked all the stuff we’ve been doing and it’s been loads of fun and she loves America, but she’s been going all over the place and is tired.  So she just wants a day where we don’t do anything big.

I think that’s a fair request.  I had a couple of those in Japan as well.

It was a very nice day, though.  Mild temperatures, and the air smelled really good.  So we did just that.  I took my run and we let her sleep in.  After that, we had breakfast and we just watched Youtube videos.  It was fun!!!  I showed her some interesting things from japan that she didn’t know about – like the Seto Ohashi bridge – now she wants to see it!  And also a fun channel called “Jet Lag the game” where a couple of teams chased each other around the world.  After that we went over to Sabby’s shop to see how it was going there.  Ai was amazed that I was a part owner.  I just shrugged and said “I had it, and Sabby’s a good baker, so it fit.”  She tried some of Sabby’s cookies and said they absolutely were as good as I said.

The store was less busy than before Christmas, but we switched to some new years product, and it was still flying off the shelves.  Katie and the others were doing a good job, Sabby and the baker were busy, so after trying the product, we went to get lunch.  We went to a place called Hat Creek, over near the stadium, and OMG was it busy.  They have a playground, and it was full of children.  Running around, hopping, climbing stuff, playing tag…  I’m going to have to take Grace there someday, she’ll love it!  So she got herself a burger – she said it was really good.  Mine was good too.

Some guy gave his name as Dr. Evil – the Texan Tinkerer guy was there too!!!  But I just said hi, introduced Ai to him and his friends, and moved on.  But not before he greeted her in Japanese!  I didn’t know he could speak Japanese!  He’s almost as good as me!!! Hahaha!!!

Anyway, after that, we came back home, and Ai took a nap to sleep off her burger.  Don’t blame her.  The best burgers make you sleepy.  Haha!!!

So after Sabby came home, she made a nice dinner, and we just sat around talking.  It was nice.

David mostly stopped being awkward around Ai, thankfully.  I think it helped that she stopped him in the hallway and told him that she didn’t mind too much that he got a good look at her, but he needs to not think much about it, and certainly not try to do it again.  He got the message.  And for her part, she’s locking the door from now on.

All’s well that ends well.

So Ai’s on the couch sleeping.  She told me that it was a nice, quiet day, just like she wanted, and tomorrow we can do whatever.

I don’t blame her.  Sometimes you just need a quiet day.

Love you all!!! ❤

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