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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And today was so much FUN!!!!

So yesterday morning we woke up, and they had a very nice breakfast waiting for us.  You know how in anime where one of the characters takes a bite of food, then exclaims “oishii” in that way that suggests that they just got a tingly in places that you don’t want tinglies in public?  Yuuko did that!  It was funny!!!  But it was delicious.  Robert was working from home, so he went off to his (rather fancy, actually) office and we just did our own thing.  We put on our swimsuits and used the pool for a while, and then hopped into the hot tub.  Mariko said it was like an artificial hot spring.  I guess so.  After that, we got dressed up and went to the arcade, and had a blast playing arcade games.  That’s the one thing Rebecca doesn’t have in her house.  We had lots of fun playing bowling and coin pusher and all the other fun stuff they had.  They did a “test your strength” and Larissa beat all of us.  Combined, I think.  I came closest, though.

We went to a steakhouse for dinner, and got to see Yuuko have a food paroxysm again.  But it really was delicious, and the aidols really enjoyed their steaks.  Then we came back, and we camped out in the big indoor tent again.  No pillow fights this time – Rebecca’s mother still isn’t a big fan of pillow fights.  We got yelled at a bit.  We drove back today, and stopped at Buc-ees again so Yuuko can load up on snacks some more, and now we’re home.  It was a lot of fun and everyone likes Rebecca and her friends.  They got added to the sister rotation and we’ll add them to our video calls when they’re available.

Larissa wanted to show us her horses but we didn’t really have time.  It’s alright, maybe next time.

Sabby’s setting up for our new years party – it’ll be a little less busy than the Christmas party was.  Then on Tuesday we’re taking the aidols to Houston to spend a couple of days with Emiko and her family – Emiko wants a little time with Ai and her friends are just… the more, the merrier.  Emiko will take them to the airport.

Yuki saw her parents off while we were gone.  They had a pretty good time, Yuki showed them some places around Austin, and I guess they had a lot of fun.  They want her to come back to Japan but she’s really afraid to.  And I don’t blame her, I’ve seen how some of her fans act, and they’re the good ones.  But I guess she can’t avoid it eventually.  I’ve kind of made up my mind that when she decides to go back, I’m going with her.  When she steps out of that plane, she needs someone to lean on.  Maybe we’ll hire Larissa to be a bodyguard.  Haha!  Only part kidding though.

I did see her acting a little bit like a baby with her parents though, it was hilarious.  She’s not really embarrassed, though.  She says “If you can’t act a little bit like a baby with your parents, who can you?”  I couldn’t really argue that.

Anyway, I’m tired, and we’ve got some stuff planned for tomorrow, so

Love you all!!! ❤️

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