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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

We made it up to Dallas, and we’re at Rebecca’s house now.  It is HUGE.  The one in California wasn’t this big.  Rebecca tells me that Dallas is a lot cheaper than LA (especially in that area), so they were able to get more house.  Wow.  There’s a pool, and a hot tub, and a small movie theater, and even bowling and a tennis court!!!

Everyone’s amazed.  I gotta admit, even me.  I don’t really care about those things but when something’s amazing, it’s amazing.

Anyway, we stopped at the Buc-ees in Temple, and loaded up on snacks.  Everyone got something, but Yuuko pretty much bought the store out.  Haha!!!  They all got a souvenir with a beaver on it.  Anyway, after our pit stop, we finished driving up.  I’d never driven in Dallas by myself before, but with Beth telling me where to turn and get off and slow down and stuff, we made it safely.  Once we entered the metro area, the aidols were so busy looking out the window at all the sights that they forgot to be annoying, so it all worked out.

Rebecca was really happy to see me.  She invited some of her new friends, too.  She’s still friends with her other friends in LA but they don’t see each other as much, so she had to make some new ones too, because of course she did.  There were two girls – One about my age named Larissa, and one a little younger named Becky.  They’re both really nice, kinda down to earth.  Larissa is smaller, and Larissa’s really thick with lots of muscles.  I guess she’s into horses and does a lot of riding and stuff.  You know, a sports-girl.

They’re both down to earth, though.  I guess they’re good for Rebecca because she seems a little more down to earth too.  Like her little bubble in LA has been punctured.  I mean, she’s still got a huge house and lots of money and stuff, but Dallas isn’t full of rich people like Calabasas is, and her school is more… ummm.. diverse is a good word, I suppose.  Doesn’t hurt that Larissa doesn’t take crap and has a bit of a foul mouth, but they seem to be pretty good people.

They don’t speak Japanese though, so I ended up translating for the most part.

They got pizza though, which was a hit with everyone, and after we ate pizza and drank soda, Rebecca took us into the movie room to watch a movie.,  Of course, we chose an anime movie.  Rebecca wasn’t sure, but they were pretty engrossed by the end – it was one of those sad movies and we all cried.  Even Larissa.

So now we’re all camped out in the indoor tent with lots of blankets and pillows, telling stories and chatting.  The language barrier is a little bit of a problem, but we’re working our way through it.  Larissa and Becky are really interested in Japan and they’re asking all sorts of questions, which the aidols are answering with a lot of my help.  And the aidols are curious about high school life here too – I can’t really answer their questions about it because I’ve never gone to high school – I was found when the virus was in full swing and then Sabby took me out to homeschool me.  They were curious about the college classes I’m taking now, though.  We’ll probably go to bed soon.  I’m not sure what they’re planning for tomorrow but I’m sure it’ll be fun.

Maybe Larissa will let us meet her horses, but I’m not sure how that will work.  Ai did enjoy it when we took her riding last year.

Oops, gotta go…  turns out ten girls make for one massive pillow fight.   OW.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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