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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And today was busy!!! but nice!!!

Oh, there’s some subscriber content in this post – you know the drill.  You won’t miss anything important.

So this morning I went to work at the shop.  It was busy!!! I guess people like cookies on Saturdays!!!  It wasn’t a line around the building this time, but still pretty bustling!!!

And Emiko and everyone came!  And they loved the cookies!!! Of course they did!!!  Bill bought a whole box for the family and a whole box for his work on Monday!!!  They went to the house to have dinner with the family, but I had a date, so…  I went over to Jack’s house – and his parents had conveniently decided to take Grace out for kiddie fun.

I missed Jack so much.

We sat on the couch with Lily and watched a movie.  It was nice, being cuddled up to him.  Then some food arrived and we ate and watched and it’s always so nice.  His parents came home and I spent a little time with Grace too.  She wanted to play with me and Lily, and those two are always fun.

But now I’m home and tomorrow, more stuff to do!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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