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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

It’s FRIYAY!!!

Umm… and I was busy today, as usual.  After I took Beth home from her classes (and had a couple of mine as well), we ate dinner and I went to help Sabby at the store.  Saturdays seem busy, if last week was any indication.  So she baked stuff and I helped take inventory and figure out what we need.

When I came home, all the girls were here to see Beth except for Liz, and I’m really too tired.  So they’re playing games.  To be young again.  Haha!  I bet some of you are saying “You ARE young”, but there’s me young and there’s Beth young.  I’ve got things to do.  Aww.

But we did have a nice dinner, and that was good.  Crystal seems to be doing better.  The light is in her eyes, finally.

After she, well…  her school started to actually pay attention to the bullying, and they finally took care of it.  Some girls were also bullying her on social media too, and, well…  turns out Crystal has a mean punch.  And she’s not afraid to use it.  After clocking one of the bullies, and the school just slapping her on the wrist for it (I think she got two days of detention and the other girl’s parents got involved) things seem better.

Crystal’s got spunk.  It’s just too bad that got squelched for a while.

I hate bullies.  Especially seeing how they treated Jack.

Jack’s doing pretty well.  I’m not sure he really likes school, but he says it’s better than Ohio, and he does like the fact that he’s not walking there in snow.  Yay Texas!!!  He’s made a few friends too.  I want to meet them.  He doesn’t mind, but it’s just never worked out.  He doesn’t do many extracurricular activities, but he’s learning how to play the trombone and maybe will join the band someday.

I told him that’d better make him better at kissing me!!!

He said “what’s wrong with how I kiss you?” and I had to do some fast talking out of that one.  Nothing, actually.  He’s a fine kisser.  But no one’s perfect, right?

Okay, enough babbling about kissing Jack.  I’m looking forward to our date tomorrow night!!!  It’s been a couple of weeks!!!

Oh Emiko and her family are coming over tomorrow to see the store!!!  Yay!!!  Bill’s coming too – he does love Sabby’s cookies.

Love you all!!! ❤

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