This diary entry is part 32 of 32 in Lily's diary dated 18 - December 2022

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!




(Is that the sound of one of those whistles?)

All the girls are here!  All the boys are here!!! EVERYONE’S here!!!  Jack and Grace! Liz! Even Allison!!!  We’ve got cookies and cakes and snacks and…  Jack even brought a male friend and Ai’s making eyes at him!!!

Well, Japanese style, so it’s a lowered head and blushing.  His name is Clint, he’s a coworker of Jack’s, and he’s, well, cute enough to be Ai’s vacation romance. Hahaha!!!

Hahaha!!! I think we found Ai’s vacation romance!!!

Liz brought her male friend too!!!  He’s not a boyfriend yet but she’s really into him, so that might be happening.

There’s gonna be a lotta kissing!!!


Well, except for Allison, Grace, and David.  They’re playing legos. David brought out his big ol’ box o’ legos and they’re just having a blast.  Katie is here too and is playing with Grace.  She seems a little sad for some reason.  She seems to get that way when there are children around,.

So we’re just chatting and, well, there’s some flirting going on, and sparkling cider and egg nog being drank.  All in all, a nice, quiet party.

Well, except for one thing.  Crystal’s weebing out.

See, ever since she met Ai, she’s been kind of treating her a bit like an anime character.  Nothing terrible or too inappropriate, but she’s been speaking some pidgin anime Japanese (some of it’s a little rude) and just making a bit of a pain of herself.  It’s not to the level of “cut that out”, but it makes Ai a bit uncomfortable.  I might have to take her aside.  But Ai can take care of herself, so I’m not worrying about it too much.

I mean, Ai handled David really well, I’m sure she can deal with Crystal.

Okay!!!  I’m going back to chatting and eating chocolate stuffs!!!


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