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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

It’s a new year!!!

And this morning everyone was conked out.  We all went to bed around 1 AM after watching all the fireworks, and woke up this morning very late.  I didn’t even run, it was that late.  Turns out Ai likes the girl-piles (she says we’re soft and smell nice – see, that’s what I’m saying!) but Jack and Grace went home after midnight.  Grace was already conked out, but she had a good time.

Allison’s mother picked her up this morning.  I guess she had a good New Years too, she looked bleary.  Hahaha!!!

Diana and Crystal went home a bit later, and now it’s just Ai, Beth, and me – and David, of course.  Sabby’s tired.  The shop’s closed today.  She thinks everyone deserves a break after how hectic the holiday season was.  We did very well.  Very well.

Oh, speaking of the shop, did I tell you cat-girl got in trouble?  It was partly our fault.  She decided to wear a… very revealing… costume for new years while holding the sign outside.

Girl caused a couple of accidents.

After the second one, the police very nicely and professionally told her she was causing a public nuisance and that she’d better get indoors and put on something a little less…. distracting.

We’re not gonna fire her, but Sabby sat her down before the shop closed yesterday and told her in no uncertain terms that she’d better be a little more professional – that she understands that she brings in a lot of business and we appreciate that, but that we can’t have people suing us for causing accidents on the main street.

She was unhappy but she understood.

Sabby told her that because the holiday season is over and it’s getting cold out, she’s not to stand outside with a sign anymore, but she can wear fun costumes while dooting if she wants, as long as the costumes are only a little sexy.

She perked up a little.  Sabby even offered to compromise and put a sign on the windows while she’s working saying “See our cosplay cashiers!!!”.

Truthfully, it seems like a gimmick, but I can’t deny that that girl sells stuff.

So otherwise, we’re spending a pretty quiet day today after the party.  Ai leaves in a couple of days, so we’re just kind of taking it easy.  Ai really liked the party last night, she says that Japanese don’t have those kinds of parties, and it was really fun.  Oh, did I tell you?  She got her kiss!!!!!!

It was her first kiss, and she was floating after.  Hahaha!!!  She knows she probably won’t see him again, but she did get his contact info, and they’re going to keep talking, so who knows!!!

Truthfully, that’s probably too wide a gulf, but let the girl have her vacation romance!!!

The funny thing?

He gave her a headpat too!!!


I think she liked that more!!!!


Love you all!!! ❤

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