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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Hooray for Mondays?  NOT.

Well, the good news is, the weather’s really nice now.  A little chilly but not too much, and sunny… perfect.  Remember back in summer when I was complaining about it being hot?  Well, this is why we stick around.  Everyone up north is shivering and getting dumped on with snow, and we’re not.

Everyone’s feeling better now, mostly.  I guess I was “patient zero”, but what are you gonna do?  No one’s really blaming me either, that kinda stuff just happens.  I stopped over to see Jack on my way back from school today, and Yuki came over to visit too, so…  back to normal, I guess.  Yuki had another tourist come and want a little “Yuki time”, so she put on some nice clothes and went over and did her thing.  This time she didn’t exchange contact info.  Everything was pleasant and he was polite enough… but she got some bad vibes so after he left, she just said “well, he’s not a keeper.”

I guess I can see it.  He seemed a bit too obsessed.  We’re not really worried, though.  He’s going back to Japan, and no one really knows anything about where to find her except the shop.  She’s not worried either.  Obsessed otaku apparently comes with the territory.

He had her sign a body pillow, though.  Eww.  In other news, apparently they made Yuki body pillows.  She was a bit embarrassed when he pulled it out.  Aww.

She’s still not upset or anything.  She says that the occasional tourist who comes around and buys merch and all she has to do is spend a few minutes with them isn’t a big deal.  It’s the having thousands of people dogging your every move, etc., that she gets really annoyed with.  And she knows that if she wants to stop, we won’t push.  That’s what’s really important to her.

We’re setting up a Christmas event with her.  She’ll perform some of her idol songs and dance around on stage, and we’ll pay her a percentage of the take for that night.  Apparently some folks from Japan are watching pretty closely, because the minute it went up on our webpage it was already making the rounds on LINE and Japanese Twitter.  Tickets aren’t selling out, but they’re selling briskly, and I hear a couple of people are making a special trip.  I kind of wish they wouldn’t…  but it’s their time and money I guess.

She’ll hold a meet and greet at that event too… kind of like a handshake event but a little more personal.  She gets a take of whatever she sells, too.  She’s actually kind of amazed that we’re being so generous… those idol companies must be awful.  We’re just taking care of her.  She is the talent, after all.

Apparently a couple of people are going just to see cat-girl.  Yuki’s oddly happy about that.  She’s not the only “celebrity”.

It’s not a lot of tickets either.  Frankly, we don’t have enough room for a huge event.  We can safely sell fifty or so.  But if demand is that high, we’ll probably talk to her about doing a second one.

Anyway… it’s really up to her.  We don’t pressure.  She actually likes being an idol, it’s just…  a lot of pressure when it’s what you do for a living.

Her parents are sending one of her old idol costumes from Japan.  That should be cute.

Anyway… that’s a lot of talk to say that Yuki’s having a pretty good time.  I think her parents are coming to visit her too.  I hope we get to meet them.

David’s getting really good at the sound stuff too!  Maybe he’s found a skill.

Yuki’s here now, along with Liz.  She wants to go to sleep, and I’m a little tired too.  She’s not sick anymore, but she’s still a bit weak, same with Liz.  Maybe some cuddling will help.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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