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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

We put up the tree today.  It’s really pretty.  We put lots of tinsel on and a star on top, and then we put lots of ornaments up.  Liz has her own, but we put it on for her because she’s still recovering.  We made one for Yuki too, but we’ll give it to her to put on next time she comes over (don’t tell her!).  Crystal and Diana will get some too, they’ve pretty much become part of the family now.  We got some for Emiko and family too, but we just send them pictures.  She seemed to appreciate it.

We haven’t seen Emiko much since we got back from Japan.  We’ll have to go visit when Ai and the aidols come here from Japan.  They seemed to get along pretty well, and Aika and Mika need to meet more Japanese people, I guess.  It’s a part of their heritage.

The little concert happened last night.  I wasn’t there but Sabby was, and David went to do lights and stuff.  It wasn’t amazing, I guess, but they were okay, and we had a few people coming in to watch them play, and they bought stuff too.  Sabby seems pretty happy with the idea of being a live house.  She had her reservations but it hasn’t been bad for business, and when it’s good for business, it’s really good.  The maid-girls were there too serving drinks and stuff and it they’re pretty popular too.  Sabby is considering getting a liquor license, but I’m part-owner, that could be challenging.

Maybe it’s not the best idea, tbh.

Sabby actually admitted I was right.  Wow!!  Well, not completely right, but right enough.  It’s a market no one else in the area is filling like we are.

Crystal and Diana came over this afternoon, and we had a bit of a jam session with Beth.  It’s not because we’re any good.  We’re not.  But I wanted two things to happen:  I wanted them to get used to playing as a group, and I wanted them to know just how bad they are.  Not because I wanted to rub it in their faces or anything, but because I want them to get better, and they can’t get better without first getting real.

Crystal is a bit discouraged, but I told her that practice will fix this, and we’re going to get together every week to just play together, even if we’re awful.

I can use some of that practice on the drums too.  It’s very different playing with other people.  I played with an orchestra before, I should have known that.

Crystal has started writing music though, and wrote some pretty good lyrics, though.  I was actually surprised, they were really good.  I think she’s got a lot of talent in that regard.  Maybe.. because she’s been through so much.  I guess it would make sense.  She takes her depression and rage, and then adds a little girliness and friendship on top of it, and…  they made me cry.  Awww.

She made one titled “I love you, you pink, frilly bitch”


That’s Crystal.

I think she’ll go far.  Once we get her on the right path.

Anyway…  Christmas is coming up.  It’s such a… warm season.  I love it.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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