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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I spent the day with Jack today.  Yesterday was a girl’s night, and tomorrow the “band” is coming over and we’re going to “practice” – though as bad as we are, it might end up being more of a K-on style tea party, but we’ll try anyway.

I really did appreciate how he took care of me on our camping trip.  I… really don’t know how to tell him how much I appreciate it.  Even spending some, umm, special time with him doesn’t really seem like enough.  It’s not like I didn’t think he loved me before that, I thought that he did, but this time he showed me and… honestly, I’m not sure what to do with it.  When I was out with him today, I was actually kind of giggly and blushy, to the point that he asked what was wrong with me.  I…  what could I say?  “I’m really in love with you right now?”

Well… that’s about all I could say, so I did.

It’s funny.  When you really like someone, you want to be around them, you want to make them happy… but when you really love someone, you’ll do almost anything to make them happy.  It’s actually scary how much power someone has over you when you feel that way about them.  There are limits to what I’d do, of course…  but those limits… sometimes they just feel like suggestions and I want to toss them out the window if it just means he’ll look at me that way.  It’s not that I didn’t feel that way before, but…  it’s different now.  It’s scary how different it is.

But he won’t take advantage of it.  He never has.  I don’t think it’d even occur to him.

Sometimes I wish he would.  But I’m glad he doesn’t.

Anyway, it was a really nice day, so we just went for a walk, and then we went for dinner.  He doesn’t really find all these really adventurous things to do anymore, and I don’t really mind.  There’s only so many fun places we can go, and it’s just nice spending some time with him.  This time we didn’t take Grace.  I love Grace.  Everyone loves Grace.  But I wanted some Jack time.  We didn’t go back to his place.  I really wanted to, but we both thought in my state of mind I might… take it too far.   So we didn’t.  I miss him that way, but…  maybe it’s for the best.

We haven’t gone to the waterpark in a while, though.  Maybe we can swing it when Ai and friends are over.  I told them to bring their swimsuits, just in case.  I asked them if they had those school swimsuits like in anime.  They said not exactly, but something close.  I said bring real swimsuits.  They laughed.

I also asked Ai to make sure they know about our customs regarding showers, etc.  I don’t really want a repeat of what happened last time Ai visited, where David got an eyeful and ended up asking some really awkward questions.  Now there will be five girls, and David’s, well…  getting a bit ramped up.  He knows better, but still, I’d rather avoid accidents.  In Japan girls will bathe together and all that stuff.  That would just be awkward here.  I know we make girl-piles but at least we’re all clothed!!!

Turns out that school uniforms are a little like the ones in anime, but not exactly.  The skirts are longer and more conservative in real life.  The colors are more drab and less flashy.  They don’t get as much accessorizing.  Japanese school admins are strict.  But anime?  Lie?  Never!!!

Anyway…  I’m kind of not looking forward to tomorrow.  I’m a little afraid of what we’re going to sound like.  It’s not going to be pretty.

Oh!  Sabby’s birthday is tomorrow too!  We’ll just have a little party after dinner.  She doesn’t really like it when we make a huge deal out of it, but she’s not getting away without anything.  Especially after that stunt they pulled for me…

Love you all!!! ❤️

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