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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Anathema is staying with us for a little while.

Joe went back to sweep her apartment after the concert, and that guy… you know, the one from church?  Was waiting for her.  And he didn’t have anything good planned, either.  Joe, well, had to “pop a cap” in his leg after the guy tried to charge him.

He’s in the hospital now and pending arrest.  Joe doesn’t look like he’s going to face any charges (this is, after all, Texas) but he’s also, well…  got a bunch of paperwork, etc., to fill out.  Joe said it was a warning shot, and fortunately, the guy lost all his fight after the, well, “warning”.

He’s pretty well trained.  If he wants to make it more than a “warning”, well, he can.  That showed restraint.  I’m not sure anyone involved wanted him to, but, that’s just how he seems to be.  Minimum amount of force required to meet his goals, and escalating from there.

Anyway, she’s sleeping on the couch for now.  It’s not a big deal, our couch has seen lots of folks, and it’s pretty comfy besides.  Heck, sometimes I sleep on it.

While he was waiting for the police and ambulance, the guy was apparently ranting about her ruining his life.  BS.  He ruined his own life.  No one would have known, even his wife, if he’d just kept his mouth shut.  Kind of the definition of “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”, right?

One thing’s for sure.  That business.. you know, the adult one?  Doesn’t lead to anything good.  Seems the people who are into that kinda thing are a bit unhinged, huh?

Anathema seems to agree.  She’s very glad she left it.

This is the second time Joe’s saved her.  She’s pretty much got the wedding dress picked out now, she just has to convince him to go along with it.  I’m sure she’ll be able to eventually, she just has to learn that he’s the kind of guy who isn’t interested in the stuff she’s used to selling.  She’ll have to come up with something a little more convincing.  I think she can, she just has to, well…  repent.  Not in the way most people use it, but to change her mindset (that’s what it means, according to the pastor).  Once she does, she’ll know what she needs to do to land him.

And maybe it’ll do her some good in the process.

Otherwise, it was a pretty quiet day.  I practiced a lot.  Anathema seemed to just sit there on the couch and enjoy it.  It was kinda weird having that kind of audience, but it worked out.

Jack and I are going out tomorrow.  It’s been a while, we’ve both been busy studying, etc.  He’s also been busy at work too.

I saw YouTube clips of Miki’s concert.  Looks like she had fun.  Though, she’s an idol… you can never really tell.  That’s kind of the point.  But then she texted me afterwards and said she had fun, so…  there’s your evidence, I guess.

Crystal has something she wants to show me at practice tomorrow.  I wonder what.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

I was debating making what happened with Anathema a lot darker.  It would have perfectly fit within the story in some ways to do so.

But in other ways… this isn’t a dark story.  Ultimately, this is what I decided on.

I’m making significant progress on my project, but it’s a really big project, and then after that I have another one to do as well, and a couple more, so…  I guess I’ll keep on plugging until it’s done.  I wish I could find some tools to make it faster, but it looks like for most of it it’s going to be a slog.  Good news is, I’ve learned how to do most of what I need, now it’s just putting everything together.

In case you’re wondering… even though these are at the bottom of the posts, they come from an entirely different database table (in technical terms, this is an “advanced custom field” which gets appended to the post via a custom wordpress plugin.  So when it comes time to turn this into a book, these notes will either be missing or footnoted elsewhere.  Eventually I want to make my own plugin to do these formatting things so I’m in complete control.  But this works for now.

Other good news is:  when I finish my projects, they are marketable.  I might be able to finally make a few bucks indirectly off of Lily, even though it’s entirely indirect.  Sigh.

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