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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Have you ever stopped to think what a weird word “February” is?

It’s a weird word!!!

But every word is weird if you say it enough.  Like “Thank”.  What a weird word that is!!!

Anyway, today was Valentine’s day.

I had to think a lot about what to get Jack.  My thinker got sore.  Sabby’s no help.  Dave’s no help.  Beth just smirked.  I even asked Grace!  She said “give him legos”.  Which, actually, I bet he’d like, but it’s not a great romantic gift.

And what’s worse is, I don’t really think he cares all that much.  I mean, he wants to get something from me, but I’m sure he would prefer that it be from the heart rather than something I just buy him because I can’t think of anything else.  He’s pretty cool that way.

There is that purple thing Liz bought me as a prank a couple Christmases ago, but… if I wear that for him, I’m not telling you!  Besides, it looks like it’d be really hard to put on.  They sure don’t make those things for convenience, do they!

I could think of a few things he’d probably really like in that vein, but…  no.  No no no.

So…  I had an idea.  I don’t know if it was the best idea, but it was a pretty good idea.

I got him a very big teddy bear.  You know, the ones at the costco that are bigger than I am?  I got one of those, and I made it smell like me.  I gave it a bit of bodywash and a bit of hair product and a bit of that perfume he likes so much – seriously, it drives him nuts.  I put it in a big box, with a note that said simply “When you’re missing me, hug Lily the Bear”.

He… loved it.  He gave the bear a big hug, then he gave me a big hug and a kiss, and said it was perfect.

Then the silly-billy gave me a necklace.  It had a pretty heart on it with the word “forever”.

I melted.


I thought the cake was his gift, but no, that was a decoy gift.

I’ll never understand boys sometimes.  They treat romance like a war.


So we did do that double date.  It was nice.  Liz’s boyfriend was just a tiny bit jealous of how hot Jack is, until she explained that he’s her cousin.  Then he relaxed a bit.  He seems a little insecure.  But he does treat her well, he gave her a nice gift for Valentine’s day, too.  She gave him one back, and a kiss.  It’s really strange to see Liz kiss someone, but..  I’m glad she’s happy.

Boy can really pack the food away, though.  Haha!!!

Okay!  I’m tired.

Love you all!!! ❤

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