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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Beth’s in trouuuuuuble!!!!

Have you ever noticed how when a child sees another child doing something wrong, it’s always the same inflection?  “Awwwww!!!!! Someone’s in TROUBLE!!!!!!”


I once had a little two year old yell at me across the street when I was doing something that she was telling my mommy!  It was cute!  She thought I was doing something wrong but I wasn’t!!!

Anyway, I got sidetracked!  SQUIRREL!! hahaha!!!

Beth’s in trouble!!!

She crashed the car!!!!

Okay, well, it wasn’t a bad crash, and she’s not really in trouble, but isn’t it more fun to tell the story this way?

Dave took her out to practice driving and she was driving in a residential area, and she didn’t hit the brakes in time and sideswiped a pole!

It wasn’t a fast hit and she did hit the brakes, but there’s a nice scratch in the car and Dave’s not happy.

But then he said something really dumb to her.  He said “Why can’t you be more like Lily?  She’s never done that!”

Well, Beth came inside, started crying, ran to her room, and hasn’t come out since.

I’m actually not happy with Dave for saying that.  When I heard what he said, I told him I don’t ever want him comparing me to her, not only because it’s not fair to either of us, but I’m adopted and Beth isn’t and he basically just told her that the daughter he chose is better than the daughter he made.

He really didn’t want to hear it, but at least he heard me out.  He and Sabby are in Beth’s room right now and there are some muffled raised voices.

And some of them are coming from Beth.


Sabby did give me a hug and told me I was right, and Dave will come around eventually.  He’s just upset because the car is damaged.

David, of course, is just watching the carnage and playing his games.  That’s what David does…

Love you all!!! ❤

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