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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And it’s Saturday!!!


But it was a quiet Saturday, thankfully.  I like quiet days.  Did I ever tell you that?  I do!  I like fun days, and I like quiet days!  I don’t like dramatic days though!  Awww!!!

Today was one of those days where Sabby gets a bug up and we’re all cleaning, so we did a lot of that.  She was whirling around like a tornado with a mop, and we had to make sure our rooms were clean too!  I didn’t mind, but David was complainig up a storm.  He hates cleaning.  I guess I don’t blame the kid, it really isn’t fun.

But it’s not too bad, either.

So after all that, Jack came over and had dinner with us.  It wasn’t really a date, but it was nice anyway.  Liz came over too, and we chatted and had a pretty good time.  Dave’s really warmed to him.  Thankfully.  I mean he never really disliked him, but he’s his daughter’s boyfriend, and, well, I guess a bit of confrontation is in the contract.  But we’ve kept to our end of the bargain, and I guess that’s all he could really ask for.

Sabby does occasionally check that we… keep our promises… though.  We do.  We still do.  When I’m weak, he’s strong, and when he’s weak, I’m strong.  I guess it all balances out.  No grandkids yet!!!

No grandkids today.  Grandkids tomorrow.


There are still tree banches sitting there at his complex from the ice storm! Wow!

Okay… time for bed!

Love you all!!! ❤

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