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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

I’m not a sporty girl.

I mean, I like to run.  It gets the blood flowing.  And I think I wouldn’t mind so much being a cheerleader.  I’m pretty fit I think.  But I’ve never really liked sports.  They make no sense really!  Dave likes sports a lot, but I think it might be a guy thing.  Or, at least, a not-Lily thing.

Because I never even mentioned the super bowl last week!!!

I was sooo busy getting fed chocolate by Jack that it completely slipped my mind!!!

Dave likes it thought.  Remember when I said that we were laying on the couch in a caffeine and theobromine induced haze?  Dave and David had the TV on and were watching the game.

But none of us girls even cared.

We were too busy digesting that wonderful cake.

So I didn’t even write about it!!! Aww.

But it’s important to a lot of people.  For some reason.  I don’t know why.  So.. .go team that won!!!

I guess.

Jack…  he’s not really a sporty guy, either.  He’s pretty strong and I think he’d be good at, maybe, baseball.  But he’s not too interested.  He’s… had some bad experiences with jocks.  Aww.

It’s funny how there’s a whole class of guys named after things meant to protect their… well… you know.  It’s a bit insulting!!! But the ones Jack knew, well, they deserve it.

Today was quiet.  We went to church.  The pastor wanted to talk about some revival that’s been going on for days in Kentucky.  What’s a revival?  I don’t know.  Apparently people are flying over there just to be a part of it.  Maybe it’s fun?  I don’t know.  I don’t know anything about that kind of thing.  But the pastor said that God’s being active, and, well, I guess that’s a good thing.  We need more God.  What we’ve got now isn’t working… sigh.

And then we all went to the mall!  Fun!  I love going to the mall!!! But we didn’t buy a whole lot.  Just went and had lunch and walked around for a while.

Okay…  I’m going to bed now!!!  And not playing sports!  Hahaha!!!

Oh… my trip to LA is coming up soon.  I hope that turns out okay.

Love you all!!! ❤

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