Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Today I worked!  Or could you tell from the title???

The owner asked me again if I could work more hours, but I explained that the weekend was the only time I could work, because Dave and Sabby are teaching me stuff in the evenings.  And I wasn’t even lying!  It’s true!  He seemed disappointed but I told him this summer he can have as many hours as he wants, as long as I get to go on whatever trips I need to go on.  He thinks I’m a good worker!  But it’s not hard to be a good worker.  Dave was right!  He told me “Half the battle is showing up”, and you’d be surprised how many employees don’t even bother to show up!  I show up!!!

We all went to the park this afternoon!  We had a picnic!  Dave grilled this morning, and we got all the fixins, and we found a spot at the park and ate our food!  It was my family and Liz’s family and Crystal’s family too!!!  It was fun!!! Afterwards we played games!  We played frisbee and tag and there were even enough people for football!  Both kinds!!!  We got home and now everyone’s tired!  Even Dave!  Even me!!!

We’re about to make a girl-pile again and Crystal can barely keep her eyes open!  It’s soo cute!!!

Love you all!!!  ❤

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