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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily luhluihluhluhliuhluhLILY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a LILY!!!!!!!!!

But you knew that!!!

I’m LILY!!!!!

YURIKO.. errr… LILY!!!

I like being Lily!  It’s fun being Lily!  I get to wear dresses and work and… and be Liz’s best friend… and…  ummm…  do stuff?  Yeah!  I get to do stuff!!!

I should play Lily says!  It’s like Simon says but it’s Lily says!  Lily says stand on one foot!  Lily says twirl around!  Put your foot down!!! I didn’t say Lily says!!!!  You lose!!!

But I always win because I’m Lily!!!

Okay okay okay.

So I got home from work today and Dave was doing some pressure washing.  He’s a bit clumsy but seemed to be doing well.  I love pressure washing!!! The air smells like water, and something that was dirty becomes clean!!!  He pressure washed the driveway and the sidewalks and the side of the house…  he didn’t try to pressure wash the grass!  This time!  Hahaha!!!!!

Remember, I said he has pressure washing accidents!  He does!!!

So this afternoon he opened up the lab.  He said he was going to be in the garage anyway so David was free to tinker if he wanted.  David ran in and started tinkering.  Dave and I dinked around with the lawn mower.  He showed me that it has a spark!  I got sparked!  OWIE!!!  That HURT!!!

But he then asked me what it means if it has a spark but won’t start.  I said…  fuel?

He agreed.  So we tested the fuel pump.


So we’re going to replace it!

Is that all that’s wrong with it?

So then Sabby called us in to dinner.  Crystal had left before I got home (this morning she told me I was the best big sister ever and gave me a huge hug, it was sooo sweet) and we ate.  I guess it’s a Sunday night.  Right?

Oh oh oh!  Tomorrow’s a holiday!  We get the day off!  And I don’t have to work!!!  We’ll do something fun!!! I don’t know what yet.

Sabby’s going to invite Emiko and family over next weekend.  I know David will like meeting Mika and Aika again!  I’m…  kiiiiinda looking forward to it?  I don’t know.  Her family is nice, but…  but…  is it mine?  It should be.  Is that the problem?

Bedtime, and Beth’s hair needs a brush!

Love you alll!!! ❤

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