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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

My trip to LA is coming up!

And truthfully…  I don’t know what to think about it.

Robert seems to be an OK guy.  I mean, he seemed sincere when he talked about his wife and kid.  I think he meant it when he said his kid meant everything to him.  And it’s nice of him to let me into his life, he didn’t have to and I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t.  And I guess that goes both ways – I don’t have to accept him, either.  But more family is better than less family, right?  Well, most of the time, I suppose.

Sabby tells me California is a very different culture… and from what I’ve seen, she’s right.  It’s… a bit more materialistic, I guess.  But the weather is nicer than here!  But… but that doesn’t really count for much, either, does it?  You can have perfect weather and it’ll still suck if the people do.

But… we’ll see how it turns out.  I hope it will be okay.

And I’m going back to Japan!  And this time I’m taking Sabby with me!  I think she’ll have fun.  We might be taking Beth too, but I’m going to let Sabby decide that.  She’s her daughter, not mine.  She’s my sister, but she’s also my younger sister, so…  it’s Sabby’s call.  Maybe everyone will go?  I don’t know.  That’s up to… everyone, I guess.  But I’m going!!!

I want to see Ai again!!!

And meet her new dog!!!

I… I saw sooo much of Japan last time, but I guess there’s always more to see, right?

I’m going to see Emiko this weekend!!!

Lots of plans!!!

I feel a bit better too.  Sometimes, you just gotta have a day, I guess.

Okay!!!  Bedtime!

Love you all!!! ❤

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