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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And today was lazy!

We don’t get a lot of lazy days, but today was one!!!

We all slept in.  When we woke up, I was kind of curled up, and I had a girl snuggled up to my front, one up to my back, Liz and Beth were both sprawled over the three of us… and that dang dog Marie was plopped down squarely on top of everyone!

Marie knows a good thing when she has it!

Cat was on the foot of my bed too just wondering what the heck was going on.  But she always looks that way.

I’m so surprised my bed has stood up to all of this!!!

But I hadda go to the bathroom!!!

So after waking everyone up, we did our stuff, and Sabby made us a big breakfast!  She’s good that way!  The shop was open but she’s kind of pulled back from the day to day unless there’s a need for her to do baking – the baker tends to have things well in hand right now!  Did I mention she’s really good???

Oh speaking of which, cat-girl got a couple of her friends through the hiring process, and now she”s got some help!!!  Business has never been better!!! We even had our second Japanese tourist show up!  I have no idea how they’re finding out about us!!!

And my cute frilly puffy dress showed up too!!! It’s so cute!

Aaaanyway, after breakfast, we played games and watched youtube and did fun girl stuff!  What is fun girl stuff?  Well… it’s girl stuff that’s fun!  Hahaaha!  Well…  things like trying different hairstyles, makeup, you know all that stuff.  Crystal tends to overdo it a bit, but that’s just Crystal.  Often the girls leave in the morning but today we made a day of it!!!

Besides, I think all the parents wanted a break.  Hahaha!!!

So later on, we went to the mall!!!  I mean, when you got five girls between 14 and 17, what else would we do but… go to the mall?  It was fun!!!  Except…  except Crystal seemed a little sad.

I asked her why, and she said she remembered being homeless and not having any money, and it didn’t feel right going to the mall.  It felt like… like she didn’t deserve it or something.

I need to talk to Sabby, I guess.  But I was able to fix the immediate problem by buying her a boatload of chocolate and stuffing her full of cinnabon.

I keep saying, chocolate fixes everything!

I feel bad for Crystal, though.  She’s doing better but she still seems to be hurting sometimes.

Okay, it’s bedtime!  And we’re girl-piling it again!!!  I’m gonna hug and cuddle Crystal and tell her she deserves everything good that we can give her.

We all love Crystal.  Just like we all love Liz, and Beth, and Diana, and… and me, I guess.

Love you all!!! ❤

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