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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And it’s finally warming up!

I could even take Marie for a walk without freezing her little toes!!!

Poor Marie.

I’m starting to wonder about Texas.  In 2021 we get this huge freak snowstorm and lose power for days.  This year we get this huge freak ice storm and lose power and have a lot of destroyed trees.  It’s…  a lot.  But, I guess that’s our winter, and, well, that’s how we get firewood.

Or something like that.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, so the shop is really heating up!!!  We put up a billboard!!!  It took us a bit to get it designed, well, we actually just hired someone to do it, but it’s up next to I-35!  It has a funny slogan and a picture of a woman with a donut for a ring!!!  And the woman is cat-girl wearing a maid outfit!!!


Sabby’s really happy with it.  And she said the moment it went up, traffic increased by a lot.  People come in, and do a double-take.  “You’re actually the girl on the billboard!” She giggles, does a cute twirl, says “irasshaimase!”, and sells them a metric boatload of cookies.

We…  umm…  need to duplicate cat-girl.  She’s driving far too much sales to be irreplacable.

So, otherwise… just a Saturday.  Jack and I went on a date tonight.  It wasn’t the best, most elaborate date, but it was nice anyway.  We went to that track sushi place and pigged out on sushi, then we went to Mt. Bonnell and watched the sunset.  It was nice.  A little cold, but we cuddled and he’s a lot warmer than he looks.

Oh did I tell you?  His father got a promotion!!! Now he’s…  well.. .I guess doing more of what he did before!!!  They’re pretty happy about it, they’ll be able to afford a house soon.  They’re just waiting for the market to cool down a bit.

We didn’t go back to his apartment this time, though.  His parents were busy and there’s tree limbs everywhere.

Okay…  bedtime.  Tomorrow’s church!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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