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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

So…  it was a nice day today.  Warm and mostly sunny, but quite a bit of wind.  Aww.  But it was still really nice outside.  Beth and I went to class…  and then we took her to get her learner’s permit!!!

Lots of stuff to fill out and stamp and sign and stuff… for her and Sabby.  I just kind of sat there and browsed twitter.  Sooo many hamsters…

But she got it! Now she has to take her class.  And Sabby’s going to take her to a park or something so she can get a little experience1  Dave let her drive a little bit when I was learning, but now she gets to go for real!!!

Yay Beth!!!

David’s a bit jealous, but we told him he’s ten, he’ll get to drive when he’s fifteen or sixteen, just like Beth.

Hopefully I’ll be long gone and married to Jack by the time THAT happens!!!

Sabby and I also had an impromptu board meeting for our company, and decided to go a little bit more in the cat-girl direction.  So we’re going to give cat-girl a promotion (ssssh) where she’ll be in charge of… well.. .cat-girls.  The thing is, we have to be a little careful.  Katie doesn’t really want to cosplay, and she shouldn’t have to.  So we’re going to hire a couple of cat-girls who cat-girl will be in charge of, and she can coordinate costumes and customer experience and everything.  But if Katie doesn’t want to, well, she can wear her normal costume.  It’s really pretty on its own!!!

We’re also giving in on the deli stuff.  Sabby doesn’t want to make sandwiches and stuff, though, so we’re just ordering some.  We are asking the baker to make bagels in the morning, though.  She did her usual good job and they’re selling really well.  Just because we have cat-girls providing eye candy doesn’t mean we can skimp on quality!

Just clothes, apparently.


I need to talk to Jack.  I might need to be a cat-girl some days, and I know he really doesn’t like that.  But it really truly is just business…

Oh oh oh, turns out cat-girl has an unseen skill – she’s REALLY good at brewing coffee!!! She makes really good coffee!!! She can’t bake to save her life, but she brews a mean cuppa.  So she’s in charge of that too.

She seems to really like her job.

Things seem to be working out!!!

…  anyone know someone who wants to be a cat-girl?  I’d let Crystal, but she’s kinda young for that.

Alright… enough of that!!!  Meow!!!  Hahahaa!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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