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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Genuine Lily Parts!  Oh, ummm…  should probably leave that one, huh?

It’s been quiet.  Too quiet.

Last year, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it just seemed to be one thing hitting after another.  I went to Disney world with Liz and her family, met Jack, fell in love (against my better judgement), said “oh no” a lot, discovered who my birth mother was, met her, had Christmas, Jack came back for Christmas, had a date…  all that stuff happened.  And since the new year I… well, took driving lessons and had my floppy bits honked.

I like the quiet, but it worries me.  What else is life going to throw at me?  There are still a few unresolved plot points.  I mean, my life is a bit like a story, right?  The plot points can’t stay unresolved, can they?  Who adopted me before Dave and Sabby did?  What happened to them?  Why do I have a few hundred thousand dollars?  Why did I lose my memory?  Why was I found where I was?  I’ve found the answers to a few questions, but not really the big ones.  Why can I play piano and knock fully grown men onto the ground?  What other skills do I have that I don’t know about?

But the question of who I was before I was found isn’t as important to me anymore.  I have my family now.  I have Jack.  I know my given name and birthday.  Do I really need to know?  I mean, really truly?

It’d be nice if I did, but I guess it’s not really all that important anymore.

And my life isn’t perfect, either.  I love my family, but they are flawed.  Sometimes Sabby or Beth go off for no reason, or David gets in trouble, or Dave withdraws into himself and gets a little surly.  Heck, sometimes I get in a stinker of a mood.  Life isn’t perfect.  But people who love you make it better.  Don’t you think?

Love you all!!! ❤

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