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A thoughtful, sad Lily today.

I keep thinking about Crystal. That poor girl. She didn’t ask for anything that happened to her. Her parents fell on hard times and she ended up homeless. What choice did she have? I mean, it’s nice that Dave was able to help her and everything, but did it come too late? She’s so sad sometimes. I mean sometimes I see glimmers of that feisty, spunky girl who shoved food in Beth’s face, and it was truly a joy to see her running around chasing Allison and Beth, but I wonder how much time she spends by herself crying. Probably more time than any of us would like.

And maybe her parents couldn’t do anything about their situation, but maybe they could have. Do they share some blame for what happened to her? Is she mad at them? Should she be mad at them? Does she resent them, even if she doesn’t know it?

I want to talk to Sabby about it but I don’t know what to say. “Sabby, I’m worried about Crystal” – she knows that, and she kind of knows why too. “I think Crystal is hurting” – she knows that too, but what’s to be done? She’s seeing her therapist, what are we supposed to do about it? I think the worst thing is, there’s nothing I can do. She just has to lean on her parents and her therapist and the pastor. But will it be enough? Is it ever enough? Is anything enough? We can spend some time with Crystal. I like spending time with Crystal. But isn’t that just a distraction, really? What can any of us do to help her? We can’t give her back what she lost. What was taken from her.

Dave wanted to play in the lab today and I said fine, if he tells me what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. He seemed put out, but I told him that those are the rules, and he can follow them or not. So we went into the lab and I sat next to him and watched him play around. He had a little board called an “arduino” and was programming it to flash lights and so other silly stuff. It was like a different language, what he was typing into the computer. But I guess I learned something. Maybe I’ll play around with it soon.

Dave’s actually pretty wise, I think. Even if there’s a bit of strife for now.

Oh, it’s getting warmer again! All the ice is gone! Finally! That wasn’t fun!!!






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