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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

So I passed my written tests!  Yay!  One of the questions was “What does a yellow light mean?”  Multiple choice was a) slow down, then proceed, b) stop if possible, proceed if too close to the light, c) floor it, or d) talk slower.  I wonder if Ashlee got it.

So after school they came by with a car and I had my first lesson!  There’s sooooo much to know!  I actually got on the frontage road!  Soooo many cars going sooooo fast!  But I did it!  I just went to the next main street and went in a looong loop around the city, but I did well!  The instructor told me I’d be on the freeway before the lessons ended, but I wasn’t ready yet.  I agree!  I’m not ready!

This weekend I’m going to Houston to see Emiko and her family.  I’m honestly not too looking forward to that, but I’ve got to do it eventually.  I’m going to leave after work with Sabby, we’ll have dinner, stay overnight in a hotel, and come home Monday morning!  Maybe she’ll let me drive some of it!  There’s a lot of two lane road and interstate driving!  But we’ll see!

Sooo…  what else.  It’s been boring.  Boringly boring.  Oh, Allison might be coming over soon!  We’re not sure, but after the scare with the virus, her parents want to take a little time to themselves.  Sabby said we’d be glad to take her for a weekend, just not this weekend.  It’ll be fun!  Allison is a cool kid!  We’ll tell stories and play games and she can read!  She loves reading!

I’m tired!  It’s time for bed!  I’ll write again tomorrow!  With more driving time!

Love you all!!! ❤

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