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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Dave has a saying:  think about how dumb the average person is, and then realize that 50% of the people are dumber than that.

I asked Ashley if the name “Jim Ignatowsky” meant anything to her.  She just virtually looked at me funny.   “No, why?”

She wasn’t pranking.  She truly didn’t know what a yellow light meant and just kept slowing down asking.


Beth is smart.  Liz is smart.  Jack is pretty smart.  David is smart.  Even Allison is pretty smart.  Grace is smart.  Ashlee… well, bless her heart, as they say here.  I hope they don’t make me drive with her, the teacher might yell “STOP” and she’ll stop talking.  Oh well.

We had another written class today and they taught us the basics of how to maintain a car.  You know, change the oil, make sure the tires have air in them, check the fluids, etc.  They also told us what to do when a tire blows out.  I already knew what to do because Dave taught me.  Ashlee said “oh I know what to do!  I’ll press the little onstar button and someone will come and help me!”

“But what if onstar doesn’t work?”

“Then I’ll stand outside and show a little leg!  Someone will help me!”

I literally heard the instructor facepalm.  “Ashlee…  don’t.  Just…   don’t.”

“Why not?”

“Ask your parents.”

“My mom does that all the time!”

Oh.  That explained everything.

I’m sure she’s a nice girl.  She seems sweet.  She also seems like she’d lose an IQ contest to a rock.

Anyway, I passed all my tests.  They weren’t that hard.  Tomorrow they’ll come by with a car and I’ll practice driving for real!  These lessons will last for a couple of weeks!  Maybe they’ll let me drive on the freeway!

Do I want to drive on the freeway?

And guess what!  Leftover pizza for lunch!  OMG I love leftover pizza!

Jack’s going to take his driving lessons soon too!  Maybe we’ll drive up and see each other!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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