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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And I love SHOPPING!!!

But I don’t get to do it often.

But Tomorrow is Dave’s birthday, and Beth and David wanted to get him something.  Dave was busy working and Sabby was at the shop baking, so it was up to me!!!  So I grabbed them both and we went to the mall!!!

I already bought Dave’s gift through Amazon, so I just went for their sake – and to get some CHOCOLATE!!!

Because there is a CHOCOLATE STORE at Lakeline Mall!!!

So anyway, we went, and David picked up his gift, and Beth picked up hers, and I picked up quite a bit of chocolate.  I bought David and Beth some candy too, of course.  Then we went to the food court and had lunch!!!!

Okay okay, it’s not good for us, but…  mall food court!!!

But there was a bit of drama.  Some busybody Karen came up to me and asked why the kids weren’t in school.

I told them we’re homeschooled, that Beth and I are going to ACC and the classes haven’t started yet, and that it’s really not her business and can she please mind hers?

She… was not happy with that.  And she called the police!!!  But I didn’t know it at the time until a couple of Cedar Park’s finest showed up.  We were just happily eating when she pointed at us – “them!  It’s them!  They’re not in school!”

So of course the cops asked us why we weren’t in school.

We told them what we told her.

They said they didn’t believe us.

I told them I could get our mother on the phone.

So I called her.

Put Sabby on speaker.

And stood back.

It went something like this.

“Cedar Park police.  Ma’am, we have three kids at the mall who say they’re not at school because they’re homeschooled, and attending ACC.  Is this true?”

You could hear Sabby’s eyes roll through the phone.  “Yes, it’s true, yes, I’m their mother, yes, they’re being home-schooled, yes, the two oldest are attending classes at ACC which haven’t started yet, and yes, they have my permission to be at the mall.  It’s their father’s birthday tomorrow and she took them to buy gifts.”

“Ma’am, two of these kids are half-black and one is asian.  You’re telling me they’re your children?”

You coould almost hear Sabby’s temper flare.  “You’re at the Lakeline Mall? I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”  And the phone went dead.

I looked at the police, and didn’t say a word.  And we waited.  The police told the karen to wait too because she started this whole mess.  She just looked at us smugly, like “You’re going to get it now”.  We just finished our food.  After all, why should it go to waste?

Twenty minutes later, Sabby stormed into the mall and made a beeline right for us.  The police took one look at her and gulped.

“Ma’am”, one started.

“Don’t you ma’am me!,” she said, her voice dripping with venom.  “I understand that you were just doing your job when you had to investigate children who weren’t attending school.  I assume this lady -” she pointed at the karen and the word “lady” was said with some sarcasm – “called you?”

They nodded.  The karen was starting to turn red.

“Like I said, I understand that you were doing your job.  Right up until you implied that they weren’t my children because they aren’t the same race.  Lily here, the ‘asian’, as you put it, is adopted.  Legally.  She’s my daughter.  Do you want to see their ID?  Maybe take some DNA?  How about running me through your computer to see if I have any warrants?  After all, I’m black.  Right?”

Oh, the police were getting uncomfortable now.

And then Sabby rounded on the karen.  “And you.  You saw three children at the mall – that weren’t yours and you had nothing to do with, and you decided to make it your business that they were at the mall instead of where you thought they should be, making me take time off from my business to come here and straighten out the mess you caused?”

“But – but”

“Don’t ‘but’ me, karen.”

The cops actually smirked at this one.  Karen started to sputter.  “how dare -“

“How dare you?  Mind your business.”  She turned to the cops.  “Are you finished here?  Or do you need to do that DNA test?”

“Can I see some ID?,” one asked, a little shakily.  “and do any of your children have ID?  I still have to check.?

I pulled out my license and showed it to them.  Sabby did the same.

“See?  Our last names match.  I ask again – are you done?”

One cop looked like she wanted to press the issue, but the other gave him a meaningful look.  They looked at the karen.  “Ma’am. I’m sure your heart was in the right place, but this lady has a point.  It really wasn’t your business and you just wasted everyone’s time.  Move along.”

“But -“

“MOVE ALONG”, the cop said.  She waddled off, muttering to herself.  “Sorry to bother you, ma’am, kids.  But please do keep in mind that..  situations like this can happen when your kids are unsupervised during school hours.”

Sabby just glared.  “Are. We. Done. Here.”

“Have a good day, ma’am”.  And they left.

Sabby sighed.  “Are you done with your trip?”

“Yes, we were just finishing lunch.”

“Alright, come home then.  I’ll be going back to the shop.”

And she left.  And so did we.

For the life of me, I’ll never understand karens.

Anyway, the rest of the day was uneventful.  Dave’s gift arrived from Amazon (yay!) and we had a nice dinner.  I’m over at Liz’s tonight, we’re just chatting and eating some of the chocolate I bought from the store at the mall.

Tomorrow’s Dave’s birthday!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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