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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And, well, it’s more school, I guess.

A boringly boring day!!!

But I guess boringly boring is good in its own way.

Beth asked Sabby if she can start learning how to drive, and, well, I guess Sabby couldn’t say no, right?  After all, she let me.  She can’t get a real license until sixteen, but she can start the process.  But I have a provisional license, so I can’t teach her.

Which is probably for the best.  Let them deal with that!  Haha!!!

But I guess she’ll get signed up soon.

I asked Sabby if they were going to get her a car like they got me a car, and she sighed.  I guess she hadn’t thought about that, but she kind of has to if she’s going to be fair.  So we’ll see what they come up with.  I think they’re going to wait a bit because prices are cratering now.  I guess that’s fair too.  So… we’ll see what happens.  I’m not sure I want to drive with Beth, but they don’t want to drive with me, so…  I guess we just have to deal.  All of us!  Hahaah!!!!

Sabby kind of wanted me to share but I told her I didn’t want to.  Not because I don’t like Beth, and not even because I don’t trust Beth, but because I need my car and if it’s going to crash I want to be the one to crash it.  Sabby seemed to understand.

Katie was over for dinner tonight.  She’s a little sad.  I asked her why she gets sad around children.  She said because she’s going to have one, and the child won’t have a father, and it makes her sad.


But I guess I understand that.  I’m sure she’ll find someone!!!  Maybe I’ll put her name out at church!  Hahaha!!!!  Ummm…  no.  I won’t do that.  But she needs a good guy who will help raise her child and not leave her and be a good dad.  But Dave can be a grandpa!!! I said that at the table and Dave almost spat his food out.


I hope he doesn’t do something stupid with cayenne pepper again.

But I think he’d be a good grandpa.  I could see him putting the baby on his knee and telling it stories and putting it on his shoulders… that’d be cute.

But it’s Katie’s baby, so we’ll see.

I think Katie will be a good mom.

She just needs some help.

I guess we all do in one way or another.

Okay, bedtime!  Marie’s whining!

Love you all!!! ❤

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